I got this question from a Squaddie and I wanted to bring the answer to my online FitFamily

Hello Coach,

Please which would you recommend: A high-powered blender or a food processor? I want something I can use to blend nuts into butter and milk, beans to paste and dry mill blending.

Hello my sweet FitFam

Ah, the sweet joys of eating clean, working out consistently, and loving Jesus on our journey into wholeness, just makes me want to sing and dance around my neighborhood.

In fact, BRB

*grabs my shekere and dances for REAL*

GOD IS GOOD hehe. The Squads have been buzzing both with accountability and results.

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Today, I wanted to quickly answer a few ‘this or that’ questions I get a lot when it comes to FitFam.

Should I work out in the morning or evening?
Should I invest in a good blender or a food processor?
Should I juice or make a smoothie?

There are more, but for the sake of this post let’s respond to the second question.

Ok here we go

Should I invest in a high speed blender or a food processor?

I loved this question, because it’s not something I get a lot and have not consciously thought about, but I knew the answer the moment it dropped in my phone.

Of course a high speed blender is the winner, especially if you are interested in more home-made FitFam cooking.

I know there is such a fuss about the food processor, and even I fuss about it, but truth is we can find a good replacement in our kitchen, for most of what our food processor can do, just that it wont be as tidy or as easy as it would have been using a food processor.

But a high speed blender? Ah, its literally irreplaceable in your kitchen.

Say, you want to make nut milk (coconut, tigernut)? You need a high powered blender.

You want to be able to blend your beans at home for moimoi and akara? You need your HS Blender
You want to make nut butter (peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter)? HS Blender to the rescue you want to make home made ice cream, crush ice and the likes? Your HS Blender can do the work.

You cant even compare the blender to the food processor.

Of course, the processor is such a win, for making salads, sauces, dough, etx, however, a box grater, mortar and pestle, and even your blender can get the job done too. Just that a Processor will do it with so much grace, finesse and give an overall more pretty produce hehe

The Processor usually comes with a blender, but hardly a high speed one.
By high speed, I would recommend 1000wattage at least. I have had a 1500wattage and I thought it was too heavy, so 1000 or 1200 is just fine and will get the job done. I have an 800wattage now and it gets the job done too, only in a longer time, but it is still a machine.

So if the budget can carry just ONE, please buy a solid, original, high speed Blender. I truly recommend known Brands from TRUSTED sources like Kenwood, Philips, and Binatone.

Once a blender starts to promise heaven and earth, please steer clear. In fact most high speed Blenders don’t even have a dry mill. It just promises ONE thing and over delivers on it.

Don’t look for one that can blend, dry mill, juice, bake, cook, etx. Lol

Then when the budget can take more, please invest in a sweet sweet food processor from trusted brand and source

Both appliances have the power to take your kitchen and FitFam game to the next level.

While price would always depend on a lot of variables, I would put the cost of a SOLID blender at no less than N40,000 to N50,000 and more. Recall I said we are not looking for those cheap ones that can do everything, including cook your food?

For the Processor, a good but basic and small one can be gotten from 40,000 and above. Good brands only.

So, which would you be planning to invest in?

Do you have further questions about choices when it comes to your fitness? Or even about the Processor or Blender? Ask away.

Happy FitFam’ing

With so much FitFam LOVE

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