Why I’d rather eat healthy. 

Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls, I look back on my healthy living journey (now 8 years strong) and I’m simply blown away by how far I’ve come.  From having a modeling body in my single days then getting married to my university sweetheart, got pregnant and then gained a whopping 40kg during that period. Six months […]

Convenient weightloss? 5 thoughts for you

N.B This post was first published in this blog on November 2021. If you’re trying to lose weight, I hope the wisdom shared in this blog will help you do so in the best possible way. Coach, can I lose 10kg in 4weeks? I saw the document you sent, but it is too long. Can […]

Fasting Can Make You Add Weight. Here’s How

Did you know fasting can make you add weight? I know it sounds contradictory, but really, instead of snatching your waist, fasting can actually make you add weight. Unfortunately, especially when you are over 30. Think about it, there are people who fasted and gained weight, or maybe even lost weight while fasting and gained […]


What are you craving? We typically associate cravings with unhealthy foods and junk, like ice cream, pizza and the likes. We don’t really hear people say ‘I’m craving an avocado or kale salad, or green juice or smoothie’ Well, except me. Imagine this, There’s you trading in sodas, sweets, biscuits, noodles, pastries, fried foods and […]

The FAT problem with FREE food!!!

When you’ve been invited to dine with a very important leader, consider your manners and keep in mind whom you’re with. Be careful to curb your appetite and catch yourself before you fall into the trap of wanting all you see. Don’t crave their delicacies, for they may have another motive in having you sit […]

Buh-bye Stock cubes; Cook cube-free LIVE with Eziaha.

We are LIVE! #Buh-bye stock cubes is LIVE! Register here. Join me and my faculty and board members on this journey. All the details are here. In 2020, my friend Ezinne CEO of Somre Foods, educated us on cube-free living on a group I was leading at that time. Strange as it was then, I […]

High Powered Blender OR a Food Processor? Which do I invest in first

I got this question from a Squaddie and I wanted to bring the answer to my online FitFamily Hello Coach, Please which would you recommend: A high-powered blender or a food processor? I want something I can use to blend nuts into butter and milk, beans to paste and dry mill blending. Hello my sweet […]

#BecomingFitFam: 5 misconceptions on the journey (Part 1)

Happy happy Monday (or whatever day of the week you are reading this) In my few odd years of coaching, I have learned, relearned, unlearned, and upgraded my fitfam knowledge and realities. Now that I know better, and I am truly enjoying my fitfam experience so much that you couldn’t pay me to flip to […]

3 easy hacks to help you EAT LESS

Hey Fitfam This blog post was first published 2 years ago but it’s still super relevant and relatable so it’s here again The Hacks are really easy but they are game changers on your weight loss journey. Let’s jump right in…. To lose weight, you MUST watch your portions. That’s the BIG THING -PORTION CONTROL. […]