When you’ve been invited to dine with a very important leader, consider your manners and keep in mind whom you’re with. Be careful to curb your appetite and catch yourself before you fall into the trap of wanting all you see. Don’t crave their delicacies, for they may have another motive in having you sit at their table.

Proverbs 23:1‭-‬3 TPT

Someone was telling me a story recently from work. I was in pure disbelief as I read it, I had to pick up the phone to confirm that what I was reading was what he was really saying.

So he is on a current project with one of those oil companies. As they house you, they of course, feed you. That’s good right? Until I heard that with EVERY MEAL, you get a 1L pack of juice.

I am saying, breakfast, 1 L pack

Lunch, 1 L pack

Dinner 1L pack of juice

And by juice, I mean sugary juices.

I could NOT believe it. I asked for a picture to be sure he didn’t mean the mini-packs

It was the 1L pack

I asked if anyone could sue the company and he said ‘Nobody forced it on anyone’.


Because the person I was speaking to had been turning down his own and asking for water instead.

How does a system encourage such unhealthy habits please?

Like they are not feeding you, they are KILLING YOU slowly.

Never mind the fact that the meals are probably prepared unhealthily too (think plenty stock cubes, plenty oil, and all since we just think we need these to make food delicious),, then you now encourage people to drink 3L of sugary juices daily!!!

Gosh, I want to box somebody!!!

Many somebodies!!!


But since we cannot do much about the system, let us stay within what we can control… YOU!!!

Sadly, some people have been taking the juices with every meal, plus just eating anyhow that they MOST LIKELY will need new dresses when the work period is all over.

But that is only what we see in the physical. What happens on the inside?

The scripture quoted above is really more about the concept of free and fancy food,

When we have access to free and fancy food, we tend to misbehave.

And I must admit, I love buffets and when I get the chance to be at one, I enjoy my money and life.

But I am NOT in buffets daily, so that infrequency permits me to indulge once in a while.

However, we MUST all know when to put a KNIFE to our throats.

To say No, thank you!

To say ‘I have had enough’

To say ‘I am not a dustbin’

To say ‘there is always more where that came from so I don’t have to finish it all today’

To STOP!!!

To have self-control!!!

People are dying, Fam!!!

And while we believe God for divine health, we all know that it is the height of irresponsibility when we put all the responsibility on God alone.

Pray for divine health and EAT for divine health too.

I recall another story someone told me. He said that, again this was an oil company, when they were recently employed, it was a joy for most of them to see that there were free vending machines that gave out all kinds of drinks and teas.

Naturally, the new ones kept going to the machine for more and more of all the sugary chocolatey drinks and all. One of the Managers had to wisely caution them to be careful of it as at the end, it was really sugar, and it would always be there anyways, so no need to feel like they must drown in it in week one.

Wise words from a wise woman.

Yes, you just got a new job and it comes with free food, PUT A KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT!

You just moved in with a family or friend and the kitchen and delicacies are free to enjoy, PUT A KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT!

You suddenly have more money and can afford to eat out or order in every day, PUT A KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT! (and be a responsible steward of His blessings)

You just married a rich spouse and now there is more financial buoyancy, PUT A KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT!

Getting fat(ter) is no sign of more money and a better life.

It is more often than not, a sign of LACK OF DISCIPLINE and one that should notify you that you may be playing with ILL HEALTH.


Put a knife to your throat, whether food is free, or fancy.

Know when to say ‘It is OK”

Thank you!!!

I have a day in my SPIRITED devotional that speaks directly to this, and really if you are ready to be a better steward of your ‘For-Purpose’ body, this devotional will help you in NO SMALL WAY.



And while we are here, you really are the only one left still using stock cubes to cook thinking it plays a part in tasty meals.

All those stock cubes ads LIED.

Good cooking, and yummy meals are in NO WAY related to stock cubes!!!

I can help you say Buh-bye stock cubes and HELLO healthy yummy meals and all the details are here

Buh-bye stock cubes

Oh and I will be doing this with 12 other Faculty and 2 Board members

Looking forward to helping you be more intentional about our health and diet choices so we can truly be string enough for our God-given assignments.

Happy to serve and help!

Queen Eziaha

Healthy Living & Weight Management Consultant


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