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This blog post was first published 2 years ago but it’s still super relevant and relatable so it’s here again

The Hacks are really easy but they are game changers on your weight loss journey.

Let’s jump right in….

To lose weight, you MUST watch your portions. That’s the BIG THING -PORTION CONTROL. Once you crush that, your weight loss is GUARANTEED!!!

When I was actively trying to lose weight from my now famous 106kg, I researched like a Ph.D. student and there were a few very simple hacks that helped me with eating the right portion. Like most of you know, I lost 30kg in about 4months.

I want to quickly share 3 of those tips with you. They are simple and it is easy to want to discount them, but not you!!!

You are wise and so here we go…

1. Use a smaller plate size (and make it colourful)

This one is a mind game that works. If you serve yourself a heaped portion in a small plate, your brain registers the food as much, as opposed to the normal portion in a smaller plate. Then you will feel like you didn’t eat enough. So, grab a smaller, even colourful plate.

2. Drink before you eat

I can’t really say that I practiced this exactly as I was always drinking water at all times, some days as much as 6L, so even before I ate, there was a high tendency I had water going.

But if you are a not a water guzzler like me, then make it a practice to drink say 0.75L to 1L before mealtime, especially lunch. That would make your tummy full to an extent and you only need enough to fill it up completely. Trust me, it works.

3. Love your hot peppers

Now I hate hot peppers and today, you hardly find me use pepper in my meals, but back then, I became a pepper lover.


Two reasons: Peppery food means you get to drink water as you eat (which is alright) so you wont even know when you are SO FULL.

Then peppers help boost your body metabolism so you burn fat a lot faster (some foods slow it down like fried and fast foods). So abeg, join the pepper dem gang. Your health is worth it.

Need a Bonus point?

Please stay busy. Once you are idle, food thoughts take over like a cancer cell. Find activities to engage in biko…

I pray this helps.



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I am honestly so thankful for how we coach these days and it is my prayer that all our efforts gets people to not just their desired weight but their FOREVER WEIGHT.

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