ONLINE SHOPPING: A lifestyle factor that may be affecting your health

Hey Fitfam This post was published in 2019 and honestly it’s a classic, so we are republishing it again. Here it goes…. Hey Fit-Squad, Welcome to a brand-new week. So as the month is coming to an end, most of us moms are getting ready to shop for the new month. I love love love […]

Make HEALTHY obvious, Make UNHEALTHY scarce

I have come to learn a few things about myself since CoachE’Squad launched. Aside the fact that I am WAYYYYY crazier than I have always thought (yikes), I actually FOR REAL am into this fitfam life for REAL REAL. Like I bleed FITFAM. I bleed GREEN. I am every day HERE for the healthy lifestyle. […]

#BecomingFitFam: 5 misconceptions on the journey (Part 1)

Happy happy Monday (or whatever day of the week you are reading this) In my few odd years of coaching, I have learned, relearned, unlearned, and upgraded my fitfam knowledge and realities. Now that I know better, and I am truly enjoying my fitfam experience so much that you couldn’t pay me to flip to […]

3 easy hacks to help you EAT LESS

Hey Fitfam This blog post was first published 2 years ago but it’s still super relevant and relatable so it’s here again The Hacks are really easy but they are game changers on your weight loss journey. Let’s jump right in…. To lose weight, you MUST watch your portions. That’s the BIG THING -PORTION CONTROL. […]


Hey FitFam, Excited about today’s blog!!! You will be too when you are done. Happy New week, or happy ‘insert day of the week it is you are reading this’ hehe So, I want to quickly share TWO REASONS why I stopped going to the gym, and hopefully my principles will either make you start, […]

Beyond the scale… 6 squaddies share their non-scale victories

Sometime in November, I started a weight loss journey. I had gained a few kgs and I wanted to lose it with my team and squad. What a beautiful ride it has been Typically, when I gain weight (mostly planned), I lose it FAST. I just ‘kill myself’ to lose sometimes 10kg in like 4 […]