Happy happy Monday (or whatever day of the week you are reading this)

In my few odd years of coaching, I have learned, relearned, unlearned, and upgraded my fitfam knowledge and realities.

Now that I know better, and I am truly enjoying my fitfam experience so much that you couldn’t pay me to flip to the other side (hello #FATFam).

I wanted to do this post and clear the air on a few concepts, and hopefully bring you on to the BEST LIFE when it comes to your health… FIT FAM!!!

In no particular order, here we go

1. You need to cut carbs from your diet to lose weight.

No, you don’t.

Carbs are not and will never be the enemy, and I am wary and typically steer clear of any diet plan that excludes any food group, including carbs, from the table. MY squaddies are always shocked for the first time when they see rice in the Nutrition plan we give them.

What is the enemy?


Meaning that if I swap my white rice for brown rice, I take care of quality, feeding my body more complex carbs than simple.

If I have 1 or 1.5cups of that brown rice, with the same quantity of green leafy veggies or salads, maybe 3 or 4 times a week (depending on my goals), then I have taken care of both portion and frequency, as opposed to eating 2 big bowls of white rice and stew, or fried yam and potatoes every day because it is ‘my best food’.

Again, you can lose weight with carbs. You just need the right relationship with it

2. On a healthy diet, I can eat as much as I want. (Goodbye portion control)

Oh no, darling. Even with fitfam, you still have to watch your portions, because the goal remains the same…


I hope you know that you can gain weight WELL on a healthy diet?

Almost every time I gained weight, I didn’t need crap. I ate clean, but threw down on portions. 

Gained some weight here

Plenty nuts, of all shapes and sizes.

Yam and Plantain without boundaries.

Bread, Bread and more bread, and yes, I mean healthier breads too

Oats. Gosh I love oats

Moimoi and Garri

And so on.

In fact, you can even gain weight on a vegan diet. The truth is that FOOD HAS CALORIES so anything we eat, has to be portion controlled. If you don’t master discipline, working itself out in your life as CONTROLLED PORTIONS, forgerrit mama, you can’t last as fitfam

Fitfam also requires controlled portions. Amen!!!

3. You have to get it right all the time to lose weight.

Lie lie. 

Now while you NEED to be disciplined, your weight loss, or even fitfam journey will never be linear. 

No, sis.

It will be full of ups, downs, and sideways. You would have ON days and OFF days, so the real test of discipline is not that you NEVER have OFF days, but that you have more ON days than OFF so that you don’t keep jeopardizing your efforts.

So lose the pressure of perfection, be disciplined, and show yourself GRACE too for those days where you didn’t win. 

More ON days than OFF means that in the end, you win

4. You can spot-reduce fat around your tummy, aka sit-ups will give you flat tummy

No, Ma.

You can’t just spot-reduce fat by doing only sit-ups daily, especially on an abdominal region that is full of fat. Yes you are working and toning the abdominal muscles, but those muscles will remain invisible unless you burn the fat off the belly.

You need a combination of cardio, strength, resistance and more to achieve results where there is a high percentage of body fat.

Same thing goes for arm toning workouts. You can’t just keep boxing and boxing, when there is a high percentage of fat in arms. Box, yes, but also skip, run, jump, and more to see the results of all your exclusive arm training, and make those biceps visible

5. I will start on Monday, or the 1st of the month, or in the New Year.

Honey, TODAY is a good day to start, even if it is 3.10pm on a Thursday, on the 21st of the month of December.

Waiting for perfect conditions, most times, is us trying to postpone the tough days that are sure to come.

Healthy living hardly ever starts out convenient, but as we nicely ease into it, it gets easier and a normal part of my life.

If however you keep waiting until it is a new day, month, or year, my sister, you will not start this journey.

Ditto if you keep waiting until you feel ready, the exam is over, the kids have gone to school, and more, you will keep postponing it.

Now of course, due diligence is important, as you want to start and keep firing so you have to first put your house and business in order, but a lot of us want every single thing aligned before we start, and since that ain’t going to happen, or be sustained, I advise you to START BEFORE YOU ARE READY and then keep adjusting until fitfam becomes a natural part of your regular lifestyle.

Let’s consider this part 1. I will be back with Part 2 and maybe 3.

If you have any questions or concerns you need clarity on, do let me know in the comments and I would reflect in the later posts.

And if you need some coaching help. Feel free to join any of our programs

HYGIANO: Healthy in body, Strong in spirit

HADACCAH: becoming Fit for Purpose

YOM-GUM: Daily workout with CoachE’ for that extra accountability and ‘ginger’

Cheers to honoring God and taking care of His Temple, our bodies. God bless you.



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