Trying To Conceive?, Let’s Look Into Your LIFESTYLE Babes

It was some almost 4years ago I first encountered Nneka Kyari at a prophetic motherhood event I attended put together by my super mentor DDK. She had come to share her journey from infertility to fruitfulness. Having waited for some years and could not conceive. At some point, she decides she is going to give […]

An Interview with The Fleximum Coach, and Mom of 4 boys, Idala.

My sister and lover girl Idala is one of God’s gift of friendships to me. She first reached out to me to attend an event she was hosting, and I am so glad she did because that opened the door to this beautiful, healthy, pressure-free relationship we have even though we are in LITERALLY the […]

4 Squaddies 5 Questions : Our HYGIANO journey so far

Hello Fitfam We decided to run an interview with a few of our current squaddies after they reached the 20day mark with us. Here are the questions we asked them? First “I don’t believe this” moment As in what was the first thing that shocked you about yourself, the program, the coach, the squaddies… when […]

#BecomingFitFam: 5 misconceptions on the journey (Part 1)

Happy happy Monday (or whatever day of the week you are reading this) In my few odd years of coaching, I have learned, relearned, unlearned, and upgraded my fitfam knowledge and realities. Now that I know better, and I am truly enjoying my fitfam experience so much that you couldn’t pay me to flip to […]