#BecomingFitFam: 5 misconceptions on the journey (Part 1)

Happy happy Monday (or whatever day of the week you are reading this) In my few odd years of coaching, I have learned, relearned, unlearned, and upgraded my fitfam knowledge and realities. Now that I know better, and I am truly enjoying my fitfam experience so much that you couldn’t pay me to flip to […]

Dear CoachE’, how soon can I start my weightloss journey after delivery?

How soon should I start my weight loss journey after giving birth…? I get this question a whole lot and having been on a post-partum journey twice, and coached 100s of chicks through it, I can share my story and knowledge here… With my first, I wasn’t very wise. I had gained about 40kg in […]

All our 2020 Ah-mazing programs to help you BRING.HEALTHY.BACK

Hey Squad, So this is a pure FOR YOUR INFORMATION post. With 2020 already here, we wanted to share the various programs we have lined up to help you not just lose weight, but to bring healthy back Ready, Set, Go!!! 1. This 2020, your WEIGHT is OVER This is our primary affordable yet effective […]