What are you craving?

We typically associate cravings with unhealthy foods and junk, like ice cream, pizza and the likes. We don’t really hear people say ‘I’m craving an avocado or kale salad, or green juice or smoothie’

Well, except me.

Imagine this,

There’s you trading in sodas, sweets, biscuits, noodles, pastries, fried foods and others


Salads, Veggies, Whole Foods, Nuts, Seeds!!! HalleluYAH 💃🏾

I put together this video to show you the wayyyyy. Keep reading and find out how to CRAVE HEALTHY FOOD LITERALLY.

You’re welcome.

Seven years ago I lost A LOT of weight, 30kg to be precise and soon after I started to help more women get results in their fitness as well. However I noticed in my coaching that many of the people I was coaching after gaining results lost them along the line.

I went back to the drawing board and on returning I completely CHANGED HOW WE COACHED as a business.

I share about how our coaching has evolved HERE

Today at Jesus Girls’ Nation we go right into your mind and habits, combining NUTRITION, PSYCHOLOGY, NEUROSCIENCE and SCRIPTURE to help you get your desired results and KEEP IT. Beyond weight loss we help you build new habits and change your mindset this way the results you get are yours FOR LIFE.

Now let’s talk a bit of science. There’s a neuro transmitter in our bodies known as DOPAMINE aka pleasure hormone. Anytime we do things that give us pleasure like eating sweets, sex, alcohol, even junk food, this hormone Dopamine is being released from the brain and this is what makes us FEEL GOOD.

Now you get on the healthy living journey and you start to eat salads, fruits, veggies and other healthy foods and they don’t give you any pleasure! So you get off track and fall back to your pleasure foods.

Welll I have news for you! There’s a way you can release HUGE amounts of Dopamine into your system and not by eating junk but your heathy foods.This way you can continue to stay on track, winning in your healthy living journey and never lose your weightloss results.

I share TWO arsenals to help you in this video. Check it out for the full scoop.

You can CRAVE healthy food literally! Here’s how.

However I’ll share here the first arsenal I mentioned in the video.

1. Document your WHY.

Take your time and ask yourself questions like; Why am I on a healthy living journey? Why do I want to lose weight? What motivates me? What’s the strong reason that will keep me going when I don’t feel like it? What are the consequences if I continue to eat and live in an unhealthy way?

As your Coach I’ll share with you one of my WHY. I share two in the video by the way, that’s your cue to watch the video and get the full gist.

DISCIPLINE for me is a key stone habit. The concept of key stone habits was made popular by Charles Duhigg. He’s our hero in JGN. I’ve discovered that when I’m not disciplined in my diet every other thing in my life goes off kilter – my spirituality, my relationship with my husband and children, my work! Whooosh!

I’m just not centered enough to live the kind of joyful and fulfilling life I am used to living. So when I think of the temporary pleasure of being indisciplined in my diet and all I stand to lose its a no brainer! I chose DISCIPLINE, that’s my WHY.

As you craft your WHY spend time in quiet introspection and discover what truly matters to you. Make sure your WHY is ROBUST, ENERGETIC and ALIVE. Anything less will not last on your journey.

Continue to repeat your WHY to yourself daily. Remind yourself why you’re taking salads, exercising, swapping sodas for water and saying NO to junk and processed foods. Trust me as you do this (in combination with the other arsenals, of which we have 7 powerful arsenals we share with our coaching Citizens), you’ll be changing something in your brain, thinking and mindset that causes you to start to CRAVE the healthy stuff. It’s SCIENCE and trust me it WORKS!

You can watch the full video HERE.

I’m rooting for you.

Keep winning in your healthy living journey.

Your Health Mindset Coach,


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