My top 5 reasons people SELF SABOTAGE their weight loss Journey.

N.B This post was first published in 2020 Hey Fitfam, I am excited about this post because I get to share from my experience as a Coach. I just published a post on where I shared how I had been self-sabotaging my emotions, thanks to feedback. How feedback was sabotaging my emotional health… Now […]

Convenient weightloss? 5 thoughts for you

N.B This post was first published in this blog on November 2021. If you’re trying to lose weight, I hope the wisdom shared in this blog will help you do so in the best possible way. Coach, can I lose 10kg in 4weeks? I saw the document you sent, but it is too long. Can […]


What are you craving? We typically associate cravings with unhealthy foods and junk, like ice cream, pizza and the likes. We don’t really hear people say ‘I’m craving an avocado or kale salad, or green juice or smoothie’ Well, except me. Imagine this, There’s you trading in sodas, sweets, biscuits, noodles, pastries, fried foods and […]

Don’t believe THESE lies! You deserve to know THESE truths.

Skip the LIES, know the TRUTH about Weightloss. You’re welcome. Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls. Let’s come together for a quick read. It’s #TeamCoachE‘ hereeee. I have the honour to write this today. CoachE’ recently released a YouTube video – Don’t Believe These Lies! You deserve to know These TRUTHS!! On your journey to sustainable weightloss […]

Journey to weight loss? It’s normal to get tired.

If you are tired on your journey to weight loss, it OK. You’ll be tired, for some people it’ll take 2 or 3 years so it’s natural and normal that you get tired at some point. But let me tell you what you shouldn’t let happen.  Yes! DON’T LET CRAP IN THE GAP! In this […]

My 30kg weight loss and transformation story (free for you).

I wrote this book around April 2016. This is not a story that I share alot because I don’t want to pressure anybody to thinking they can have this kind of result. If you read the book I share my story, but my story is my story and I want you to read the book. […]

Fast-3-Nation: Your 3-day Water Fast to power up and run better.

Although most of God’s people don’t have the harmful habits of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, so many of them are killing themselves with food- too much food and the wrong kids of food. This cannot be pleasing to GodWhen we fast, our systems are cleansed… Uncontrolled eating does all sorts of damage to the […]

10 Questions for CoachE’, Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo studied pharmacy for 4 years at the University of Ibadan before being asked to withdraw from the faculty. She graduated with a 1st class degree in Sociology from the same university, emerging best graduating student in her class. Eziaha went on to obtain a Diploma in Health and Fitness, and a Diploma in Personal Nutrition, both from […]

Body Fat and Baby Fat : Does a Woman’s body weight matter for Fertility?.

How will you carry a baby with this body? You better eat and add some flesh ooo… If you are lepa, that is on the slim/skinny side, you would have heard something like the above before, Igbos (one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria) actually talk about needing a wide waist/hip (ukwu) to be […]

Let’s talk Genetics: Does FAT really run in the family?

Hey Fit-Squad, I am super pumped today lol. No particular reason other than the fact that it is TUESDAY. That is what the JOY of the Lord does mehn. Ok, why are we here? I wanted to quickly address this whole ‘Fat runs in the family’ cos I hear that a lot, right with its […]