Skip the LIES, know the TRUTH about Weightloss. You’re welcome.

Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls. Let’s come together for a quick read.

It’s #TeamCoachE‘ hereeee. I have the honour to write this today.

CoachE’ recently released a YouTube video – Don’t Believe These Lies! You deserve to know These TRUTHS!! On your journey to sustainable weightloss you’ll definitely need to embrace the right mindset. Find out all about it here.

I’ll be sharing some of the highpoints which I got from the video. Yes I’m good like that lol.

First off let’s start with the TRUTH. It is going to be HARD!!!!. YES. So be PREPARED. Losing weight is hard work. Many times we give up because it gets tough and we don’t see results soon. Weightloss takes time especially if the weight has been gained over a long period of time.

As I arm myself with this TRUTH and shift that MINDSET of cheap results I won’t be thrown off guard or give up when the going gets tough. Rather I can keep going and eventually get those results I desire and those results can last.

Now let’s move on to the LIES aka Mindset Shifts we need to have.

1. You won’t need to change your diet or lifestyle.

Everyone knows that to get a different result you need to do things different. So why do we sometimes fall for greedy marketers that tell us different??

As Jesus Girls, our road map is the Word of God and in Matthew 7.13-14 we read about the narrow way that leads to life. On that narrow path there’s no space for mindless eating and junk food. To be on that path will be vigorous and require my full attention. So if we’ve been swimming on the broad path it’s time to change things.

2. Healthy Living is Expensive.

I love how CoachE’ can speak from both sides of the divide due to experience. Whether in a season of barely enough or more than enough there’s a healthy living path for everyone. Wisdom and putting in the work is required to stretch our money to do the most for us.

3. Cooking and spending time in the kitchen is a waste of time and we have to do alot of it.

I beg to differ. CoachE’ gave some pretty convincing and insightful points into how cooking can actually be super beneficial to us.

Cooking time can be a time to bond with family. Growing up I loved cooking with my mom, sisters and relatives. All hands on deck made the meal ready faster. The shared labour was fun.

Family cooking together

I can equally use those fringe moments to call a friend, listen to a podcast or audiobook, pray, worship or just spend that quiet time with Jesus. Cooking can be an enjoyable high quality leisure and a perfect investment of your time.

Many benefits abound. Head on to Coach E’s Youtube Channel and learn more.

Cheers to arming yourself with TRUTH, ridding yourself of LIES and embracing NEW MINDSETS.


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Till next time, keep building that For-Purpose Body. You’ll need it to stand firm and stay exempt from the Health Crisis that will hit.

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