Although most of God’s people don’t have the harmful habits of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, so many of them are killing themselves with food- too much food and the wrong kids of food. This cannot be pleasing to God
When we fast, our systems are cleansed… Uncontrolled eating does all sorts of damage to the body. Periods of fasting bring the body into balance, and helps to regulate the system so things can run more smoothly. Fasting is a very healthy custom to adopt.
Kingsley Fletcher… Prayer and Fasting

Hey Jesus Girls,

This is our first blog in a while, as we had to take a break for the website to be migrated to a new ‘home’ after the upgrade. is wearing a brand new look and it has been such a long time in the making. Take a look around, and if you like, tell me how this is.
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Ok, you are here because you are curious about Fast-3-Nation!!!

Well, every thing you need to know about it is right on the page here.

For 3 days, we will be taking nothing but water.

However, if you think you cannot cope, you can decide to do a juice only, or fruits/smoothie only, or even raw food only fast.

In the welcome webinar, I will be giving you tips on how to navigate any other kind of detox-fast.

The general idea is to allow for the body some time to slow down and rest from all the hard work of digestion and absorption, and if especially your diet has not been healthy. Like Fletcher says in his amazing book, Fasting gives our internal organs time to rest and recuperate. They work hard so much and if you keep overworking them, they may rebel, by becoming sick and weak, and no longer able to serve you.

And now, even most importantly as a Jesus Girl, the devil thrives in the excess. It is his playground, and some of us have given him some real estate there, when it comes to food.

1 Cor 9 v 27
I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.

1 Corinthians 9:27(NLT)

Let your moderation be known unto all men

Philippians 4:5a(KJV)

Fast-3-Nation is your discipline and moderation monthly, and you can ride that wave into the rest of the month.

Please note that this is NOT primarily a weight loss program. Yes, you will lose weight. Some as much as 3-5kg in those 3 days, BUT the goal is beyond weight loss, to a place where you can then build on that discipline even as you reintroduce eating again, this time in moderation.

If you come having big goals, and no long term plan to maintain and keep it going, you will be frustrated, I’m afraid

Check out WOW for our longer, more sustainable habits changing and weight loss program here

And if you fear about losing weight, especially if you are already at an ideal weight, but want to clean up your diet and/or enjoy the benefits of a good fasting detox in community, then don’t worry, the body is super efficient at conserving calories when it needs to. 3 days wont do any significant harm, plus you can ride back into a cleaner feeding guide after wards to gain any weight lost back.

Also note that this does NOT come with a ‘Meal plan’. just a guide which will be discussed at the Webinar.

If you need a professional ‘Nutrition Plan and Guide’ from CoachE’, we got ya. No need going back to eating junk as usual after your body just benefited from this fast.

You can purchase a Nutrition plan here

CoachE’s Nutrition Plan

Or you can fill out the form directly (after reading details above) here

Questions for creating a Nutrition Plan with CoachE’

Ok, so here is the Fast-3-Nation calendar until December, that is 3 cycles, starting October

You really need to get the foundational details here on the Fast-3-Nation page so you know what I am talking about

October to December 4,5,6, 2022

Group opens on whatsapp 2 days before, that is on the 2nd, where you will have access to the welcome webinar for those 2 days and there will be times when the group is open for questions you may have, 

Group closes 2 days after, that is on the 8th .

15min power shot prayers will be on only the 3 Fasting Days.

The live workout with CoachE’ will be on the 4th morning, that is on the 7th. 

You will definitely find the support from your fellow Fast-3-Nation Citizens and CoachE’ and I am sure that ginger will carry you through.

Trust me, you will surprise yourself. And more than anything, beyond weight loss, you are one step closer to building a ‘For-Purpose’ body!

For one cycle, your investment is 15,000 naira.

The three cycles cost 40,000 naira.

Payment deadline is always on the 2nd of the Month for that cycle.

You can pay into: CoachE’ Squad Ltd. GTB-0328799715

Then email or whatsapp 09055868614

Any other questions, please send me a mail at

Your Coach,


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