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Today I feature Evelyn Mesele all the way from Germany,

and this weight loss story not only inspires me but also shocks me and excites me at all the possibilities that abound when we COMMIT to the process.

Let’s hear it from her on 5 Questions with…

1. How the weight gain happened.
Well, I have always been a chubby chick, the chubby sister, the chubby friend.

I grew up fat and always wanted to shed some weight but didn’t know how to…

2. What triggered your desire to lose weight?
I worked in a financial institution, the Marketing and sales department, so I was always on the go.

The closest meal available was mostly rice for lunch, after some nice sausages for breakfast. I then realized that my size 14 clothes were now tight and size 16 looked too big at face value but that was now my size. I decided to do something about it. All this happened around 2016. I started exercising and taking more fruits. I was able to lose 10kg on my own but I knew I still needed more knowledge. Fast forward to 2017, which has been the fastest year of my life, lol, my fiancé and I were trusting God for increase in his career and then an international door opened for us. We got married and decided to relocate.

He left 7 days after our wedding and I joined him 3 months later during which I had to live with my amazing in-laws and was spoiled silly with food. I had no control over my feeding plus I just lost discipline in total. Hot bakery bread was my favorite snack with 3rd mainland bridge plantain chips to keep me company on my drive to and from work.
I landed in Germany decided to check my weight and was a whopping 87kg.

All the weight I lost came back in multiples.
I then decided to seek help.
I have always been Coach E’s blog reader and aware of her weight loss journey cos I contacted her to help me once and for all.

3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of the journey?

Well, I am not sure I had any part so hard so far, trying not to sound somehow though. Oh, okay. I think the scale could be a betrayal sometimes. ☹.

(About half way into her program with me)

The easiest part, hmmm, that would be making my meals. Not like it’s been easy, but I always try to find a way around making sure my meals are pre-planned so it makes my week easy.
I have even been able to extend it to pre-planning the meals for my family so I don’t spend time always thinking of what to eat during the week.

Side note from CoachE’: This right here deserves as offering!!!

4. How are you working on maintaining the weight lost?

For maintenance, I still apply what I did to lose weight. I mean, I can’t start eating everything now cos I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.

I still check my calories, still step on the scale, still plan my meals, still workout, still detox from time to time..

5. Advice for anyone planning to embark on the journey.
My advice would be that, Coach E will do all she can to motivate and push you (I still hear her voice in my head sometimes) but you have got to do the job and go the extra mile. This could be telling people around you that you are about to embark on a weight loss journey and you need their support. This could also be restraining yourself or stop buying the stuff that makes you binge eat. If you don’t keep it around, it won’t entice you.
Weight loss is not a punishment, it’s a gift to your body, your family, your finances. If you see it that way, you might be able to move closer to getting your mind set right. Cos when your mind is set, I tell you, the body will go where the mind wants it to go



How awesome was this interview? I mean she dropped so many truth bomb shells, esp her last lines, and the fact that she has always been fat but yet look at her today.

My prayer is that you apply it good and well until you see your results.

Running these interviews have been awesome and I can’t wait for the next…



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  1. Am inspirated. As I read this, am eating Agege bread with bama and tea, I felt that was it…..since I missed Agege bread. I feel ashamed as I read through this post.

    See my life(tears drop)while others are living healthy and pursuing purpose.
    God help me.

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