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5 Questions with… PRECIOUS!!!

Hey yawl,

I am so pumped to introduce precious to you as we share her success journey so far. I’ve known Presh for 3 years and this is like her 4th or so time with me. None has been as successful as this time around. Matter of days she has been with me for 6months now, and counting and I’m sure she is right here until she reaches her goal… Plus she’s a banker, a student and yet has blazed through very busy days…

I love her commitment and patience. I wanted to hear from her and hopefully have her inspire you.

Say hello to Precious…

1. How did the weight gain happen?

I was involved in a ghastly motor accident sometime in 2017. I had to stay at home for about 3 months, during which I was somewhat immobile and had to eat a lot and especially drinking a lot of milk 🤦‍♀ cuz I was looking for extra calcium for my bone to heal. By the time I resumed work it was a disaster. No clothes to wear. I was embarrassingly fat!

2. What triggered your desire to lose weight?

Now quite a number of things triggered my resolve.

First, recall I said I was in an accident. Now there were some form of complications or Doctor’s error (I carried a cast for about 10 weeks after which my bone didn’t even join). Doctor’s excuse was because of too much fat on my arm, if it was a slimmer person it would have joined, therefore I needed to do a surgery.

After consultation with another orthopedic specialist and further xrays I discovered it wasn’t really because I was fat that my bone didn’t join, but the manner in which my bone broke, some pieces had fallen off it, therefore had to be fixed through a surgery. But because I was fat it was too easy to blame it on my poor fat😂

So I’m like who fat epp sef

Secondly I had a wardrobe full of dresses but only a handful could fit. I was just recycling dresses. Lol

Thirdly towards the one year anniversary of my accident I was taking stock, and I’m like you know what I wanna gain back all I lost as a result of this accident. Getting my body back was part of it

3. What is the hardest and easiest part of this journey?

Hardest part…
Ehhhhm hardest part of it would be saying no small chops(chai), chocolate(hmmm) and creating time to workout. I would go to work, sometimes school and I still had to workout as our dear coach has a daily report card and I didn’t want to always carry last

Easiest part…
Hmmmmm is there any easy part in this journey? Cuz it’s a lot of denial and sacrifice. Easiest part of the journey would be it started to be easy to wear my dresses (lmao)

4. How are you maintaining the weight lost so far?

One thing I’ve learnt is portion control. So if you see coach’s meal plan you would see all classes of food there. What she advocates is portion control. I plan, through the help of God, to always watch my portions and try to incorporate workout as a lifestyle and not just to lose weight

5. Any advice for anyone trying to lose weight?

My dears! First off, it’s not of him that willeth or runneth but the Lord that showeth mercy.

Secondly, just give it TIME!!! Do not be impatient. Give it time, you did not add it in one day, you certainly can’t lose it all in a day too.

Thirdly, it pays to be accountable to someone on this journey. Get a coach (of course I would recommend CoachE’ anytime any day even if you can’t get an accountability partner.




Wow. I’m so super proud. Like so proud. And I’m inspired to help more women. It’s a joy to be a part of such a beautiful story. Lets get our size 10 girl… To your success…

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We can’t wait to coach you then share your story.

Lets bring healthy back together…

To YOUR health…


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