Happy Monday, Fit-Squad,

This week, I thought we should kick things off with this super beautiful Squaddie of mine, Anuli Chikezie.

She was so stressless to coach and the best part was that she came with results. I particularly love that for her, the weight gain just happened over time, not necessarily as a result of some life event.

Most of us can relate to this. As we grow older, we must be more intentional about our weight and health cos your body metabolism starts to drop and so you find out that what you used to get away with, like eating late, eating junks, etx, without gaining weight, soon starts to show on your waist line. Do nothing about it and blink, you are two dress sizes up and counting. Anuli nipped hers in the bud

Let’s hear from her…

1. How did the weight gain happen?

The weight gain happened over the years, I just noticed I kept adding. I wasn’t active anymore and I was not mindful of what I ate.

2. What triggered your decision to lose weight?

I realized my clothe size was increasing. I was an 8/10 and now I was buying size 12, even the best 12 was busting at the seams which means I was already heading to a size 14. I wasn’t happy with how I looked anymore

3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of this journey?

The hardest part was making out time to plan my meals and exercising, because this involved waking up very early based on the nature of my job. Leaving early and coming back late.
Once I got into it, meal preps became easier

4. How are you working to ensure the weight lost doesn’t come back?

I ensure I make my meals, I still cheat once in a while but I ensure I eat healthy most of the time. More of vegetables and fruits and lots of water. I exercise but not all the time. but I ensure I move around. I am more active now. I do long and sometimes fast walks. I use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

5. Any advice to those want/need to lose weight?

My advice is to ensure you are ready to make it a lifestyle even after you have lost the weight or you will relax and add it back. The way to do this is by ensuring you always have fruits and veggies stocked up at home and at hand. Also ensure to plan what you will eat.

Thanks, Anuli, for lighting up our week with this beautiful success story.

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Have a blessed week every one.

To your success,


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