Welcome to our last Lunch Box Purity series. It has been insightful so far, I am glad these Educators got to share their perspectives with us. I am sure these series would have triggered you to make one or two decisions. If you missed out on any week, please catch all the series here.

Now, let’s dive into today’s interview.

  1. Please tell us your name and where you currently teach.


My name is Adakole Isabella. I am the director of St. Thompson Foundation Academy,Port Harcourt.

2. Your most significant/memorable experience as an Educator.


My most significant/ Memorable experience as an educator is an interesting one. Working with pupils and students has really been fun because they are all from a different background. My experience is not health related. Some years back,as a guidance counselor of the school, I had a student who is always withdrawn in the class. So one day, I invited her to my office, immediately she entered the office, she started crying. I allowed her to cry to her satisfaction, after which I asked her what the challenge was, she narrated how her Dad is always beating her mum. She said that always make her cry and loose concentration in the class. I had to invite her mum. When I was done talking with the mum, the next week, the girl came to school beaming with smiles, telling me that peace have returned to her home, that she can now concentrate in class.

3. Is it actually possible for a school to eliminate completely junk in the lunch box of our children as opposed to having a few days a week where junk is not allowed? If no, why?


It is not really possible to eliminate junk completely from the lunch box of our children. I remember when we had a (P.T.A) Parents Teachers Association Meeting, an issue of giving junks to children was raised, parents were told to minimize the way they give junks to their children, most of the parents complained that it was tiresome for them to be cooking everytime, they said snacks is the easiest thing they can give to the children to go to school with. The school introduced what we call “fruit week day”. This is observed every Friday because Fridays are always half days. So the children are to come to school with only fruits in their lunchbox. However, some parents refused to do that; they still added snacks to their kid’s lunchbox.

4. Are there times when an Educator (you or someone else) has had to intervene per the content of a child’s lunch box, especially when you can see that the frequency and volume can negatively impact on the child’s health both short term and especially long term? If yes, how did that go and/or how can an Educator help/intervene without coming across as being judgmental? How do we educate that child and/or the parent into better and healthier decisions?


No, because most parents are making things difficult.

5. What role can parents play in supporting your efforts to promote healthy eating? How best should we communicate with parents about the importance of nutritious lunches? Do you have any practical success stories on this?


The parents need to work hand in hand with the school authority by eliminating junks to promote healthy eating. The best way to communicate with parents about the importance of nutritious lunches is to create a forum where a health personnel can be invited to talk to the parents about the unhealthy nature of junks.

6. How can the Government, Federal or state, throw their weight behind schools (in terms of policies for example) in the fight to ensure that at least within schools, child nutrition is front and centre!


If the government introduces child’s nutrition into the school curriculum and set up a taskforce to ensure that schools carry out the instruction of eliminating junks, that will go a long way to help.

7. Are there ways you have successfully incorporated Nutrition education into your curriculum? Can you share any successful strategies you’ve used to make nutrition education engaging for children? This really speaks to it being incorporated into the learning curriculum as opposed to scheduled events.


We are really working on that, to incorporate it in our school curriculum,as it stands now, some parents are beginning to appreciate the idea of eliminating junks.

Yes! We have come to the end of the LUNCH BOX PURITY SERIES. It was such a long and interesting ride. Thank you for sticking with us. If I were you I wouldn’t stop here, I’ll go back to read the blogs and begin to implement gradually. That’s how we make changes.

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