Happy New year, yawl.

Gosh 2018 was such a GOAL at CoachE’Squad Ltd. we smashed on so many levels and after God, I have you all to thank, so THANK YOU!!! I look forward to a 2019 that blows 2018 exponentially out of water for us all.


Ok so did we make any fitfam resolutions for the year?

I bet you did. I did too. Not just fitfam, but in many other areas of my life. I think it is important that we have goals so that we can measure success (the achievement of set-goals) as it happens. So, yea, your resolutions and goals are valid…

However, sis, I want you to make just one teeny weeny adjustment to those 2019 fitfam goals.
Remove the 2019 and call it LIFETIME LIFESTYLE GOALS…

You see, putting a date and timeline to your health is not fair. I mean come on baby, you deserve better. You deserve to do it for life not just a new year. This temple needs you rocking it clean until Jesus comes.

One other thing I have quickly noticed with time-based goals is that as the time approaches and that goal still seems far-reaching, we give up and then decide to put another time on it. Sadly, that cycle might continue and results won’t come. For example, someone says they want to be a certain size by their birthday. 6weeks to the birthday and they are at least 3 sizes shy of that goal, and since it is no longer achievable, most people tend to just give up and say they will try again next year.

Abeg my sister, leave the pressure that time puts on your grind and just commit that 2019 is the year you begin (or go harder like me) this fitfam business as a lifestyle. It is the start of the rest of my life. My health is far too important to be put in the box of time, so I won’t. Instead, like some people say, we die here!!!

And this also means that you won’t always need a new year to begin or amp up whatever amazing routines you want to. Since it is not time based, you can start anytime. However a New year always comes with some amazing burst of energy so it’s not a bad idea to go with that flow…

That’s the way I see fitness and fitfam. That is not to say that time-based goals don’t work, but I would rather you see them as short-term timelines on this endless journey for life, as opposed to having a set-destination like Dec 2019.

So, let’s make a grand commitment that we are not just making New year/2019 resolutions, we are making 2019 the start (or continuation) of what is now a ‘for-life’ resolution when it comes to our health.

Now, may we do some burpees to seal that? At least 10. Come on girl, challenge yourself!!!

Love and light…
Your Sister&Coach


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