Food sabbath anyone? AUTHOPHAGY/FASTING tips for #JesusGirls.

Hey FitFam So I had sent this pix and caption to my squaddies and shared same to my whatsapp status and it literally shook up everywhere.   A 74 hour autophagy? What is autophagy? So what were you eating? (This was the funniest of all lol. What was I EATING when I was FASTING?) How […]

Fast-3-Nation: Your 3-day Water Fast to power up and run better.

Although most of God’s people don’t have the harmful habits of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, so many of them are killing themselves with food- too much food and the wrong kids of food. This cannot be pleasing to GodWhen we fast, our systems are cleansed… Uncontrolled eating does all sorts of damage to the […]