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Cheap, Easy, Sustainable: 5 hydration arsenals to start your day

Not sure the best way to start your morning?Overwhelmed with the many information out there? Are some of the suggestions seen online not very pocket-friendly (or wise) for you? Need nice, healthy, easy and affordable ways to start your (tummy’s) day? Then keep reading. I shared 5 options, and some are SO CHEAP you wonder why you NEVER thought of it. Enjoy

Hey FitFam

So good to hook up with you again on my GREEN real estate, this side of the country called ‘the internet’

These days, I am working hard to bring you content that you can apply immediately, no matter where you are, especially financially.

Personally, I am a very prudent and accountable steward of my financial blessings and I want my online fitfam to also not feel like they need a tosh load of money to live and sustain the fitfam life.

How you start a thing is so key; whether it is the year, the month, a first day at work, or even your first official date. You want to put your best foot forward, sometimes even literally.

Your body is NO different.

It needs some love and respect too every morning when you drag it up to resume the day’s work. Plus, the Bible says (ayeeeee Preacher girl comin’ up hehe) that our Body is the Temple of God.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself,”

1 Corinthians 6:19 NLT

We could just start a WHOLE plant-based retreat on that line, but let’s stay here.

Seriously though, starting the day with the right activities can go a long way in determining how the rest of the day goes.

Which is why I typically start my day with Prayers, confessing the word of God out loud (I have a post on my personal blog on CONFESSIONS here) working out, and hydrating, not always in that order.

Oh btw we have a LIVE workout session every weekday over Zoom and if you need some buddies to work out with, I gotcha

For now, let’s focus on hydration.

Your body has been at rest for maybe 5 to 8 hours, so when you wake, it makes sense that you put in the right fuel to get it oil it and get it running optimally.

It’s amazing just how much of a difference hydrating first thing in the day does. I have personally experienced the power, punch, and pump it puts into my morning, and it is too damn good I have to share it with my #JesusGirlsFitness family.

Don’t just wake up and get moving on the outside, meanwhile inside is still asleep. Worse still, don’t wake up and start eating biscuit and groundnut you left off from the night (I am judging you if you are guilty, except of course you are pregnant and dealing with nausea and morning sickness in which case, please wake up and put something plain and dry in your tummy)

Here are 5 easy peesy options to get you started, hydration-wise, for the day


Yes baby. Good ol’ plain water. Half a litre or 1L if you can handle it.

Infact, if you go to bed with a bottle of water beside you, you can wake up and power up immediately (don’t worry, you can brush later, Saint).

While there are other things to add to water that can get things moving even faster, if water is all you got, it does a pretty fine job waking things up.

While lukewarm water is best, if all you got is water at room temperature, cheers!!!


2. Ginger-Water

So yes, that root just sitting in your kitchen fallow, but did you KNOW that you could take a few slices, throw in water and allow it be the first thing your system says hello to? (Please let’s stop waking up and eating bread first 😭😭

I especially love how it has the power/potential, to move things along the digestive system and may soon cause you to have an early bowel movement.

Such a great way to detox and start my day.

(Shhhhh but this is also great if you treated a little too much the night before)

All you need is a few slices, or a tbsp. of natural ginger powder in a 500ml glass of warm water and booom, you are good to go.

Very warm/hot water over room temperature mama, as you need that heat so the goodness can be infused out the ginger.

But hey, I gotcha if you don’t have time for heating water that morning.

If you throw a few ginger slices into water and let it sit overnight by your bedside, by morning, you are good to gulp it all down at whatever the temperature of your room is (All the editors reading this are now rolling their eyes at me, as I should have just said ‘room temperature’ lol)

(PS: I have an amazing plug for ginger powder. Call Ezinne of Somre foods ON +2348094820029 or +2348033703283 She can hook you up for ‘chicken change’.)

3. Lemon-water

We progressing nicely.

Lemon, I would say, is like the Siamese twin to Ginger. While inner goodness differs, they both bring some pump to things on the inside.

So if you ain’t got time to ‘peel&dice’ some ginger, but just need to ‘squeeze n go’, slice a lemon in half, get the juice into half a litre of warm or room temp water, and guzzle down that detoxifying goodness.

Beware though, you may be running to the Loo soon after, especially with warm lemon water. Certainly a great way to start the day, if you ask me. Or the Professionals who have gone well ahead of me

4. Turmeric

Ah, turmeric is just nature’s goodness and God’s kindness to us. Infact it is so choke-full of all the good stuff, we forgive it for staining every cup and pot we allow it say ‘Hello’ to.

Whether you are slicin’ & smashin’ your turmeric on your board, grating with a box or straight grater, or using turmeric powder (my favorite, please), put that gift in some HOT water, let it get mixed nicely, strain (if you didn’t call Ezinne for the powder, tongue out haha) and enjoy some warm sips.

Another detox drink, you get things going nice and sunny yellow.

Now before I share the fifth one, of the many options, let me just state here that you are BEST and SAFEST using the NATURAL lemon fruit, ginger and turmeric root/powder.

Avoid all those packaged turmeric, ginger and lemon teas, except you are sure of how it was packaged, and completely natural. 

You can also buy some empty tea bags (yes those are sold), and put the powder inside, so you can steep them in hot water without having to sieve.

While buying those teas can seem more convenient, it really doesn’t take a lot to prepare yours at home

5. COMBO partayyyyyy

Yes, you can literally have a party by combining any of the 4 above. Well. Literally three since they all need water anyways.

So you can choose to have ginger and lemon, ginger and turmeric, turmeric and lemon, or ginger, turmeric, lemon and water.


Choice all yours.

Just put a little of each in hot water, let it cool down to warm and you enjoy.

So you see how easy and cheap these all are?

You can literally start tomorrow because you MOST LIKELY have ginger right now at home. And lemon and turmeric can be found anywhere fruits are sold, and are super affordable too.

You are MOST welcome.


Don’t forget that your Doctor’s personal recommendation trumps anything you read on the internet so be wise in applying, OK? 

Your Doctor knows you well, history and all.

The author online, doesn’t. 

So grab your morning detox and CHEERS 

To living and rocking our BEST fitfam lives




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2 thoughts on “Cheap, Easy, Sustainable: 5 hydration arsenals to start your day”

  1. Please tell us how to make the tea sorry I jumped from that paragraph to drop thisncomnebt cos I just found chamomile petals in the market.

  2. Please tell us how to make the tea sorry I jumped from that paragraph to drop this comment cos I just found chamomile petals in the market amd u can’t wait to make my tea….

    As always, thank you for this beautiful info especially for people like me that find it hard to do number 2

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