Ok first I’m sorry for being AWOL

Last week wasn’t one of my finest. I’m so tempted to totally obliterate it and call this new week 5 but that won’t do so I’ll just move on while I highlight my lessons…

So my weeks usually have me indoors most days or even if in out, I’m out only a couple hours, but most if not all of my meals happen at home. However, last week saw me out the home 3 days a week, so I had a few unplanned meals.

Plus two things I hate the most when it comes to spiritual discipline are fasting and vigils. Kai (but I still do them ooo). It’s not even like I’m a foodie but 12 hours or even 6 without any food is hard. Let’s not even talk vigils now lol. Anyways, I love being pregnant and nursing cos for like 2years plus, you can’t fast. However now I’m no longer nursing, so I guess the holy spirit started to prompt me to include a day to fast in the week…

So I decided to TRY out Friday, and I figured since I’ll be away from home visiting with my mentor for the better part of the day, I will make it. But that meeting got cancelled and here I was stuck in my sister’s house all day. And she had gifted me mixed nuts from somewhere in Europe.

Kai. Let me just say I fell for that temptation. And finished 2 PACKS of this starting from 11am. No fast. Probably 5000 calories. Or more…


Nuts are a super healthy source of fat which your body needs but they are very high in calories so must be controlled…

Anyways that was all I had that day sha… Oh and a baby size cup of yogurt.

I had another really off day but I can’t recall details. Again I didn’t keep a FOOD diary or even drink enough water and teas for at least 3 days this week. Those 2 fitness disciplines keep me in check, in addition to planned meals. Oh I kept a diary on one of my off days so here you go…

IT was peppering me as I was writing it sha. But I did that to stop myself from eating as I struggled that day. It was probably something to do with ovulation hormones but I insist it was me, cos I hate to give powers to external forces not outside my control anyways…

Anyways that was Tuesday and it was bad.

Very bad!!!

Now that I think about it, I had just two off days and one of those days was a cereal day. I had more cereal than I planned.

Friday night is usually date day for hubby and I but after eating 2 packs of nuts, my sisters, I gave myself brain And cancelled Date day (sorry babes haha)

Oh btw I’m back to eating meats and fish but with a lot more discipline. I missed it abeg… Plus I wasn’t replacing my lack of iron and other essential minerals with other non animal protein sources and supplements so I went back

Ok so my BIGGEST lessons this week are

1. Plan your meals and ahead of time. Even tho I haven’t followed a meal plan these 6weeks, I’ve definitely planned meals I’ll eat. Most days this week, I didn’t. So in my head, there were no boundaries: something a plan makes you have.

2. Water and teas are my beat friend if I’ll stay on course. A lot of my success on this journey has been fluids. I drink a minimum of 6L, most days 8L but a few days this week, I didn’t drink up to 2L. One day see I didn’t drink even 1 cup of tea. Yikes

3. Keep a food diary.

The process of writing keeps me in check. Like I said, one day when I was eating anyhow, once the food diary app I use prompted me, I decided to write. As I wrote, i was wincing. Lol. After I wrote, I didn’t eat again. I was too upset.

I use an App called Food diary. It’s symbol is green leaves…

4. Don’t ever lose control cos of one bad decision

Oh several times the devil would say, you have already spoiled the day, just finish it. That was what happened on Friday. Our date day was to be pizza and ice cream. Recall I was to be on a fast so I would have saved the calories anyways. But after blowing it with 2 huge packs of nuts, Satan was like just go and eat the pizza, it’s already a bad day. You reset tomorrow. I’m like nope… Even 10pm is a good time to reset. Friday morning is a good time to reset.

Don’t always wait for a new day or new week. If you realise you have gone down the wrong path, reset immediately. Don’t BLOW OUT!!!

I didn’t take bait. Once I could reset, I did .

That’s why I doubt I lost any weight this week, but I don’t think I gained. Or I didn’t gain anything significant.

Sorry no scale and this Sunday morning I was rushing too much for church that I couldn’t measure before I drank water and tea

Its week 6 and the final week so im bringing my Aplus game and at the end will see what I managed to lose after 6weeks. But I’m actually shocked at how much weight I even gained… kai

Typing this at 6am. We are already in church. Service starts at 7am but hubby has to serve and he starts at 6am. I think I’m looking flyyyyyyy….

Oh and last week, I worked out 6 of the 7days.

Even if your eating is not really it, still workout. Don’t say afterall I’m not eating clean, that’s the devil.

At all at all na him bad… So please don’t accept any lie of the devil to slash all the tires no just cos one tire got slashed.

You keep going girl. God’s got ya…

Have a blessed week and see you with even more consistency this week…



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