“My son is a picky eater” 

“I think my three year is a sweet tooth and he doesn’t like veggies”

“My family only takes junk on Fridays” 

If any of the above statements resonates, then keep on reading to get help! 

Shalom Jesus Girls’

The countdown to Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures is officially ON. We are less than a month away! But first, how did we get here? 

As a health Coach I work primarily with adults but in recent times I started to have a burden in my heart for children and the type of foods they eat. I’d feel a certain way each time I see an overweight child and in the past, I thought I was judging but not anymore. Find out more from this YouTube video HERE 

I wanted to have a webinar tackling Child Nutrition and I knew I could not it alone. So in addition to The Wellness Revivalists I enlisted the help of Moms in the form of feedback regarding their challenges, wins and joys as concerns feeding their children. 

I wanted to be sure I was speaking directly to them in the webinar. We got a lot of responses and in my recent YouTube video I share a couple of them. 

 Are you like this MOM?

One mom says “My own children select food a lot. They don’t like beans and Eba with soup. Most times they tell me what they like but I force them to eat what I have.”

Watch out for this in the webinar, it’s something we will tackle. Should you force your kids to eat food or not?

Another mom says “My children are not the picky type, they respond and adapt very well to changes in food. They are always willing to eat anything”

Awww talk about every mother’s dream! 

Hear from this mom that says “My children usually eat well but recently my last child stopped eating. I would beg and cajole before she manages to eat a little. We can eat a meal for up to an hour”

I can so relate with this mom. My first son used to do something similar when he was a baby. While feeding him, he’ll stuff the food in his mouth and when his mouth is full, he proceeds to vomit it all out for me. Ahhhhh!! Lol. Thankfully we have moved past that stage and in the Wellness Revival I’ll share what worked for me. 

This mom says “My kids only objection to food is when I cook vegetable soup, so most times I feed them myself and tell them the soup will make them grow tall. We have a saying in my house – Whatever food the Lord provides we eat it and give thanks.”

I love it! And infact I’ll be adopting this saying in my home too. In the webinar we’ll get to discuss the food and diet culture you should have around your home as well as the language you should be using, because culture has the power to drive things. 

This mom just makes me dance because of the wisdom she applied.

Read her feedback “We only have junk in my home on Fridays. That’s the only day my kids take biscuits and juice to school. Fridays are typically movie nights at home, and we would typically have pizza. I introduced this junk regulation at home because my kids would act in a funny way each time we go out and they see junk food. I didn’t want to deprive them completely.”

I love love the hack that this mom adopted. In the Wellness Revival we will talk about regulating, moderating and eliminating junk. 

I’m so pumped! 

Mark your calendar people on the 17th and 18th of November 2023 you’ll be getting equipped to raise Wellness Champions and all from the comfort of your home and kitchen..

Count you in? YES. Go HERE to sign up.

Cheers to your wellness revived!


Health Mindset Coach.

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