I TRULY desire that you live your BEST LIFE we both deserve to. It’s a major goal for me and I’m always going for knowledge and applying as led by the Holy Spirit. Whatever I apply and works for me I love to shareeeee lol. I was recently at a wellness event organized by my mentor PDDK – Pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi, it was an AMA session (Ask me Anything) and one of the questions asked was my top three tips to living healthy. This is my bread and butter and I’ve come a long way in living my best life in regard to my health. 

In my video HERE, I share my top tip to living healthy in response to the question. I discovered that most of the problems we face is not really about the problem, it’s rather a Lack of Awareness problem. My top tip to living healthy is to ALWAYS ASK WHY? When we ask WHY we bring light and awareness into the matter and this way we see clearly and know what to do, tackling the problem head on. And one of the biggest ways to bring awareness into your diet and lifestyle is by asking why. Don’t just follow trends blindly pause to ask questions please. 


This ONE Question can change the game on your FitFam journey.

In my video above I share three WHY questions we need to ask to bring an awareness into our diet and lifestyle, especially those of our kids. Now just send me a bowl of asun while I share the first why question with you. 

1) WHY do we have cereal for breakfast?

Have you ever paused to ponder how cereal for breakfast became the norm? (Hint – manufacturers and advertisers were hard at work.) The problem with cereal (I’m not referring to the whole grain ones) is that they are simple carbohydrates meaning they burn quickly, leaving you weak and hungry again in a short time. As an alternative you can eat real food for breakfast like beans, yam, potatoes, rice etc. These are complex carbohydrates which are heavier, burn slower and this way continues to give you energy throughout your day till the next meal. Breakfast is such a strategic meal and when you eat right it gives you FUEL to power through your day. This way you won’t be yawning and tired before 10am. 

The second why question which I shared in the video is on CAKE! And the third is on Snacks for Kids, something I’m so passionate about. Watch the video HERE to get the full scoop on these questions and of course my alternatives.

Cheers to bringing awareness into your health and fitness journey. 

Your Health Mindset Coach,


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