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Browse faster and safer with this free browser. Avast Secure Browser is a free web browser that helps you keep your online activities safe. Developed by Avast, this software gives you full control over your privacy while browsing the web. It can automatically block ads, prevent hackers from stealing your data, and mask your digital identity with built-in VPN integration. Like Opera and Brave, Avast Secure Browser focuses on online security and privacy. It is based on the free and open source Chromium browser and is also available for both desktop (Windows 10 and Windows 11) and mobile devices, enabling synchronization across platforms with Avast Sync. Download completed in Avast Secure Browser? Avast Secure Browser is a modified and renamed version of Avast SafeZone browser which is very similar to Opera. This time, this new version focuses on three main aspects: security, privacy and performance. It can load web pages four times faster than most popular browsers and can block any unwanted ads and spyware along with that speed. In addition, it has several features designed to keep your online transactions safe and prevent online tracking. It’s good enough that you don’t necessarily need Avast, because this browser actually has a full suite of security tools. First, it has an anti-phishing system that blocks malicious websites and downloads. Another handy feature is Banking Mode, which prevents hackers from seeing everything you type, so you can shop and bank safely online. There’s also a password manager that can securely store, create, and autofill your login information. Hack Check can confirm if your credentials have been compromised. While Extension Guard can verify any privacy you download, there are also tools to keep your online activities safe. The browser has anti-tracking and anti-fingerprint features available. It stops annoying third-party ads and platforms from bothering you. It also has a webcam controller that allows you to have full control over whether websites can access your computer’s camera. Stealth mode, meanwhile, disables the storage of browsing history, cookies and web cache, and automatically forces websites to use encryption. You can also enjoy the benefits of a built-in VPN, as the software is integrated with Avast SecureLine benchmarks and the app has a built-in ad blocker to help you browse faster without annoying ads. The software also has a Performance Manager that automatically optimizes CPU and RAM usage by suspending any inactive tabs. Battery Saver can do the same, but this one helps slow down battery consumption so you can stream and browse for a while. Can I download Avast Secure Browser? Get a copy of Avast Secure BrowserBrowser is quite easy as you are. visit and download from there. Run the installer and adjust its settings before starting the installation process. You can set it as your default browser, create shortcuts to selected locations, and even import data from any of your existing browsers. The process is quick and easy, and since users of the Chromium-based Google Chrome browser will find the familiar and simple interface useful, it is cross-platform and allows you to easily import bookmarks and history between devices with Avast Sync. Not allhowever, the listed features are not fully available in this program. Firstly, BankMod is disabled by default as it actually requires Avast Antivirus to be running due to the way it works. Additionally, VPN integration requires an Avast SecureLine VPN license as it is paid software. You can try an optional 60-day free trial of the full browser suite. Overall, Avast Secure Browser is a good choice if you need a comprehensive solution for online security and better browsing. Not only does it have many security features that rival antiviruses, but it also emphasizes user experience with productivity tools. Although some of these tools require other standalone Avast products, it is still worth buying this private, fast and secure browser. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows 11.

Avast Secure Browser

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