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Free Hotspot Maker Not being connected to the Internet is extremely frustrating, but luckily there are many tools that we can use to share connections with our devices. Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a WiFi application that allows users to use their desktop computer as a WiFi hotspot. The connection has no restrictions on data exchange, and you can connect any device to the computer. Simple and easy Internet connection Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a lightweight networking tool. The file size is small and there is no additional cost to download it. It has a clear and simple interface. It also provides little more than a few basic settings, so tech-savvy people should have no trouble using it.(function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Once launched, it automatically creates hotspots for your WiFi connection. After creating a hotspot, you can connect your devices to it. As already mentioned, there are no restrictions on data exchange. You can connect your laptops and mobile devices to the piggy bank outside of your computer’s Wi-Fi connection. The application displays all devices connected to the access point. It also lets you create a Wi-Fi password so you can control which devices can connect. In addition to turning your computer into a hotspot, Baidu WiFi Hotspot also has file transfer capabilities. You can transfer files from PC to mobile or vice versa. All downloaded files are actually organized into one destination, which can be changed in the program’s settings menu. Safe but limited When it comes to security, users will be happy to know that Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a completely safe application. The developers implemented several security functions in the application. First, it allows you to create a password for the access point. Moreover, it also allows you to block any device from accessing the Internet. You can create a blacklist and no device will be blacklisted ever againwill not have access to the network. The program also keeps your computer safe as it does not threaten your hard drive or data. It won’t slow down or even affect your computer’s performance. In addition, it is optimized to work on old computers, so it will work even on the oldest system. However, while Baidu WiFi Hotspot shines with its free price and simplicity, it has limited utility. To create an access point, you need to connect a wired cable to the modem. The app can’t extend cellular, which limits its usefulness. The app also has no ability to track the internet history of connected devices, the problem you may face is the problematic help button. The site that contains the help document is not working properly. Most often it does not even open. However, compared to other networking apps like Connectiviti and Mi Public WiFi Hotspot, Baidu WiFi Hotspot has more advantages when it comes to overall usability and performance. access point creator. It is simple and easy to use. Add to that a decent speed and you have a nice home network. And while it has some limitations, there are no glaring bugs that will put you off using it.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

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