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Hello everyone, this MASAMUNE SHIROW -Collection- contains ALL the Anime OVAs HE WAS PART of from 1987-2006: in DUAL AUDIO too! This is WHAT it contains:

a. Black Magic M-66 (1987 – DUAL Audio)

b. Appleseed (1988 – DUAL Audio)

c. Dominion Tank Police (1988 – DUAL Audio)

d. NEW Dominion Tank Police (1993 – DUAL Audio)

e. Landlock (1995 – DUAL Audio)

f. Gundress (1999 – DUAL Audio)

g. Tank Police Team TANK 01 (2006 – JAP Audio)

Plot summary:

Black Magic M-66 (1987) – “A freelance journalist discovers that two murderous androids are on the loose targeting a little girl for murder.”

Appleseed (1988) – “In a sprawling futuristic city, built on the ashes of World War III, a police officer and his cyborg friends fight terrorism.”

Dominion Tank Police (1988) – “In a future full of dystopian pollution, the tank police fight for law and order, causing massive kolatrol destruction along the way.”

NEW Dominion Tank Police (1993) – “In the sequel to the anime classic Shirow, Al, Leona and their trusty mini-tank, Bonaparte, continue to fight crime in Newport City, along with the rest of the tank police. But a new threat arises in the form of a series of terrorist attacks, using the latest weapon technology.”

Landlock (1995) – “The land of Zerlue is in chaos, ravaged by the technological power of Chairman Sana’ku and his evil army, Zulearth’s army. In a fast-paced tale of treachery, deceit and treachery, only one boy has the power to defeat the boy who such a great name Lue’der!”

Gundress (1999) – “In the year 2100, an ex-cop (Masako Katsuki) forms an alliance to protect Japan from terrorists.”

Tank Police Team TANK 01 (2006) – “Masamune Shirow presents the story of the Dominion Tank Police dealing with terrorists who took over the NT building with AI powered tanks.”


Name (Title): Masamune Shirow’s OVAs (1987-2006): Black Magic M-66, Appleseed, Dominion Tank Police, NEW , Landlock, Gundress, Tank Police Team TANK 01 – 480p DUAL AUDIO x264.

Category Type: Anime (animation), film, action, sci-fi.

Length (Duration): VARIES By OVA Movie.

Years: 1987-2006.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Crime, Animation.

Resolution: 480p.

Rip type (source): DVDRip(s).

Codec type: x264.

File format: MKV for ALL except “Tank Police Team TANK 01” (which is in MP4 format).

Audio format and language: ENGLISH and JAPANESE: AAC & AC3 (audio channel).

Subtitles: YES: ENGLISH “SoftSubs” INCLUDED (SRT/ASS format).

Chapter: YES (for most titles).

IMDB link:

Black Magic M 66,Appleseed,Dominion

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