About CoachE’Nation Ltd.

We are a dynamic and fast-growing Health Coaching company, with expertise in weight loss, health mindset, habits and Child Nutrition.

We have two CORE Units, which cover Coaching our paying Citizens (both private and group), and Content Creation for our digital channels reaching a global audience.

We are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, but serve and work with a global audience. You can find out more about us on our website, YouTube Channel, Instagram and LinkedIn

Job Title: Digital Content Coordinator

About the Role

We’re seeking a dynamic individual to join our team as a Digital Content Coordinator.

In this role, you will be responsible for curating and creating engaging content consistently across various digital platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp statuses, blogs, and email newsletters.

Your primary goal will be to provide on a consistent basis content viz each platform that enhances our online presence, engages with our audience, and drives brand awareness.

You are also responsible for ensuring that there is a synergy and flow between all the content on each platform.

While you will not be responsible for coming up with the content, you will be responsible for transcribing and editing video.

Note that video editing for YouTube is done by a professional editor but you are responsible for liaising with him and providing the edit data needed for the work.

Finally, you should also be flexible and adaptable enough to accompany the CEO to on-site and In-person events to capture moments for our digital platforms.

Now to numerate the responsibilities of this role clearly

1.Develop and implement social media strategies to promote brand visibility and engagement.
2.Create and curate content for LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp statuses, blogs, and email newsletters.
3.Analyze data and metrics to optimize content performance and drive audience growth.
4.Repurpose and update existing content to ensure relevancy to today and maximize reach.
5.Collaborate with part-time team members to ensure content consistency and alignment with brand voice.
6.Stay updated with industry trends and best practices in digital media and social media marketing.
7.Coordinate with internal stakeholders to support overall marketing and communication initiatives, including the core coaching team.


1.First degree from a reputable university.
2.Completed NYSC.
3.Strong or growing understanding of social media platforms and digital marketing strategies.
4.Proficient and genuine interest in content creation, copy-writing, and editing.
5.Excellent communication and especially proficient with English language
6.Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced. high-demand environment.
7.Familiarity with analytics tools and data-driven decision-making, including a willingness to learn.
8.Must be based in Lagos and available for hybrid work arrangements.
9.Quick learner with a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement.
10.Able to intelligently use ChatGPT

Please note that role is female-only, Hybrid and must be based in Lagos
Salary is competitive

Please send comprehensive CV and cover letter to on or before Monday, April 22, 2024

Also be sure to get familiar with all our digital platforms and such knowledge should be reflected in the cover letter sent.

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