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CoachE’s Merry Christmas

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Even if you are broke, somehow things sha happen that bring some cheer. People are more generous at this time and chances are high that the generosity go sha reach your side…

I recall Christmas 3 years ago… It was not the easiest. First, we had moved to a new home very far from family and friends. Hubby was out of state so it was just me and my then 9month old (gosh that boy is now almost 4) alone at home. We didn’t have a lot of money to play around with and I was still on my now very famous weight loss journey from 106kg to 75kg. even if I didn’t want to be disciplined, my finances forced me to be. Lol. I couldn’t just be attending Christmas parties anyhow cos TRANSPORT lol. I also couldn’t be buying stuff anyhow cos MONEY lol. So, I truly had to make do with what I had, which was little.

At the time, I wasn’t scared but looking back now, I should have been a bit concerned for my safety cos most of my neighbors travelled and the normally quiet compound was even MORE quiet. I mean, anything could have happened. It was just my son and I but I believe God graced me for that season.

I still recall Christmas day. We went to church together and then I came home. I didn’t make any fancy meals, then suddenly my neighbor sends some food and drinks to my home. She was literally my Father Christmas. God alone knows how much that gesture was appreciated. It is not like I would have starved cos I really was on a weight loss journey, but hey, one day to eat Christmas rice and turkey is not bad na, and she made that happen. If she didn’t though, I would have still been fine.

This year though, a lot of things have changed, but the biggest miracle is having my husband now in Lagos and then an addition to the family, my second son. Plus, hallelujah, we can afford a little bit more but you KNOW your girl is still going to be wise. If you also want to save a bit of money, then go visit with those people you know who cook up a storm. We have like 3 visits planned out this season haha. Plus, I don’t even have a help so I cannot come and suffer biko. Lol

Well, the essence of this post is to let you know that even if you are broke in this season, find your joy and make peace with your season. Plus, it also means you don’t get to over eat and gain weight. Bonus points haha. If you saw me after the holidays ehn. I was looking PENG lol. While others were dealing with the holiday weight gain, I had shed some weight and was really close to my desired weight. But hey, no guilt ooo as you eat. Just keep things under some kind of control while having fun.
Also, let’s spread the joy. Ask God to open your eyes to anyone around you who needs something to eat, or some kind of company and help you to be a blessing.

Finally, let’s spend wisely and not forget that January is the LONGEST ‘year’ of the year. Find fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy the season well within your budget.
Oh, and while we are here, may I add that please you should also not be the reason someone cries or is sad this season with casual flippant words…

For instance, asking a mom in faith for kids if she is pregnant yet or ‘na wa ooo, when will you give us children now…?’
Or, ‘are you married now?’ ‘Are you still single’ and the likes to singles
Or ‘have you gotten a job?’ ‘Na wa ooo, I hope you get a ‘regular’ job this new year?’ to job seekers and those following a passion/dream
Or ‘na wa ooo babes, you are still FAT’ to someone who you know is struggling with her weight
Don’t even joke about these things. Just shut up if you have nothing to say.
You may say it casually and go but you just may have sown a seed that spoils the season for someone.

On the flipside though, cos some people are very silly and have no boundaries per what they say or ask, so if you are likely to be on the other end, please have a ready answer in advance for when such questions are thrown you. I can’t tell you what to say but with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can answer in such a way that shuts them up and still fills you with faith and possibilities.
This season is fraught with miracles and here’s wishing you a miracle filled one…
Have fun. Be wise. Stay disciplined

Love and Light


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