Shalom Jesus Girls’

Ever found yourself saying any of these?

”I hate Cooking!”

“Cooking is such a waste of time!”

“Cooking is for house girls!”

If you’re in this camp I’m here to make a GOOD case for COOKING.

In my latest YouTube video HERE, I share on the amazing benefits you get from adopting cooking as a high quality leisure AND 1 more LIE you need to disbelieve on your healthy living journey.

This latest video is actually a Part 2 of an earlier video uploaded – Don’t Believe These Lies. Check out the Part 1 HERE.

My goal is to get you to ENJOY cooking and debunk some lies and misconceptions we have previously believed about cooking. By the time we are done you’ll love to cook haha. But first, a little bit of history on cooking.

In the past aka olden days cooking was typically a duty for slaves and in our homes growing up it’s something the ‘house girl‘ did. Both are on the lower end of the social ladder and this made people look down on cooking.

Then in present times the convenience industry will have us believe we don’t have time to cook. Their ‘solution’ is manufacturing premium crap that’s boxed, tinned or canned. Narratives like cooking is boring, tiring, burdensome etc is widely circulated.

On the flip side, I must admit, cooking is starting to get a good reputation. What with the fancy Food Bloggers, Chefs and Food Network all over the place. An issue with this is that people start to feel almost intimidated by cooking.

You hear things like..

‘I can’t cook as fancy as those bloggers’

‘I don’t have a white, spacious and beautiful kitchen.’

‘I don’t have sophisticated cooking gadgets and equipments’

News Flash!!

You don’t have to put yourself under such pressure! And while we’re on this don’t believe all the lies about cooking either. Wherever you are on this journey you can make it your OWN without breaking the bank.

Cooking is high quality leisure. There’s physical, emotional and mental benefit that comes from cooking. I’m not talking just the finished outcome ie your cooked food. But rather I want to lay emphasis on the PROCESS of cooking.

What do you get from it?

There’s a sensual pleasure that comes from the physical manipulation of food. I’m talking washing, dicing, cutting, stirring, kneading. Not only that, there’s mental stimulation going on as you are involved in the process of cooking. All to your benefit.

Our distractions this days negatively impacts our mental health and we need something that’s kinder to our mental well being. Cooking is actually one of them.

There’s a certain type of joy that comes from planning, prepping, cooking, serving and eating a meal you made. Especially when family or friends are joining in. How about trying something new for the first time or revamping an old recipe? Mental stimulation overload because that will require your BRUTAL FOCUS.

Whoosh!!! I could go on and on. I share much more in the video. Also I bet you want to know the final LIE we need to disbelieve on this sweet journey called healthy living. Get it below.

Do you HATE cooking? Well….

Cheers to your best life while COOKING haha.


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