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FIFA returns with more realism FIFA 22 is the next entry in EA’s football simulation game that puts you in the player’s shoes with realistic settings to enjoy your favorite sport at home. The new title comes with additional features, a goalkeeper overhaul and a host of new animations that are sure to impress. But if you’re looking for a more in-depth management simulator, Football Manager 2021 has you covered, while eFootball PES 2020 provides another version of the same ( function () { ( ‘review-app-page- desktop’ ); } ; HyperMotion technology creates reality The flagship update for FIFA 2022 is the new HyperMotion technology. Hypermotion allows advanced 11v11 matches with the internal AI behind the players on the pitch adapting to create new animations while the game is played. While the new animations may not be spectacular, the attraction is how the animations this allows the player to understand the ebb and flow of the game, the actions that can be taken and when to take certain actions.The more intense animations allow a better understanding of where the ball will be, how the player manager will react and the best time to take a shot or position Regular FIFA fans will notice these additions, but again, due to the implementation of HyperMotion, there is a lack of significant additional updates and extra functionality this year. HyperMotion technology affects the state of the game by significantly slowing down the speed of the game. This is no doubt in an attempt to reduce the number of goals that became a meme in the final months of FIFA 21. The slower playing conditions make the game feel more realistic and rewarding, focusing on positioning and passing, rather than tying it to a goal every two minutes FIFA 2022 modes and updates This year, FIFA 2022 maintains its core roster of game modes with a career mode that focuses on building your own team from scratch to fame. Many players choose FIFA only for this mode, so making your mark in the world of FIFA will definitely be an attraction for many. Additionally, several customization options have been added, from stadium to player customization. Pro Clubs allow players to create a virtual player on the pitch and use that character in 11v11 online matches. The appeal here is that you only play your character, and you can evolve and improve it as you play. This mode allows you to fulfill your fantasy of playing on the field in the position of your choice while having a significant impact on updates that provide more ways to see your character’s growth and impact on the game with a heatmap of your time in the game. field and updates them UI. Next up is FIFA Volta Mode, which brings a smaller and more street football experience. With FIFA 2022 comes updates to skill meters, signature abilities, talents and more to deliver more effective performances on the pitch. And finally, FIFA’s most controversial game mode, Ultimate Team or FUT for short. Team Ultimate this time introduces a new Elite Division, allowing the best of the best to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. FUT also includes more customization options and better co-op matchmaking. While there are plenty of quality of life updates and small improvements here and there, none of them feel big enoughto look past the annual exploit box and the implementation of microtransactions. The presence of loot boxes means there’s no guaranteed way to get the players you want, emphasizing the pay-to-win RNG dynamic that players and the industry already hate. with a new iteration of your favorite football game. Small tweaks along with the new HyperTechnology should make a worthy change in gameplay to warrant a purchase. For new players looking to join the franchise, FIFA 22 is the most stylish and stunning starting point in terms of content availability and ease of play. Regardless of your skill level or experience with the game, be on the lookout for EA’s dismissive loot boxes and greedy monetization methods.


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