I get asked a lot of questions as a Health Coach and in my recent YouTube video I picked out a few of them and gave answers. I’ll be sharing some of those details in this blogpost. Enjoy! 

 Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls. 

Q3 is gradually winding to an end, I trust you’ve been winning in your healthy living aspirations. Remember we side stepped the All or Nothing phenomena months ago. So keep taking those steps to achieving your goals daily no matter how small. 

Now to your fitness questions. In my recent video, I answered three questions in detail, and you can watch it from the links below 

Answering your Fitness Questions

 I’ll be sharing the first question in this post along with my answer. You’re welcome! 

1) For weight loss, does the kind of food I eat matter as long as I’m still within my calorie allowance? 

To answer this Question, I’ll do so on two levels. First let’s tackle the goal of weightloss. Honestly it’s a poor and weak goal to have because it’s REACTIONARY. When you lose the weight what next? Most people return to their old habits and gain the weight back. If however you’re thinking health OPTIMISATION, doing what’s best for your body, changing your health mindset and building better habits, with this your results are sure to LAST. 

Now to be more specific, can you eat just anything so far as it’s within your calorie allowance? The answer is NO. You are not a dustbin. As a believer you are God’s Temple not a refuse dump. You can’t just consume junk or eat anything. You must be strategic in the type of meals you eat. I’m talking complex foods and nutrients, whole grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables and good ol’ WATER.  

When you consume complex foods like oats, yam, plantain, potatoes etc this foods burn slower and will continue to give you energy and strength as you go about your day. You won’t be hungry so quickly. As opposed to consuming junk simply to satisfy your taste buds but which will leave you hungry again in a short time. Always do what is BEST for your health. 

The second question I answered in the video HERE is on walking 10,000 steps daily, is it enough as a form of exercise? Or do I need to do more? I’ll see you in the video as I answer that question as well as the third and final one. 

Cheers to being fitness conscious and going after knowledge.


Health Mindset Coach.

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