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FIX your weight, FIX YOUR LIFE!!!


It is not just what we do, it’s HOW we do it and WHY we do it.

This is CoachE’s #JesusGirlsFitness is the RIGHT PLACE for you to lose that weight and keep it off for life.

Let’s help YOU fix IT to FIX IT.



Dear #JesusGirl

I recall when I started my weight loss journey almost 6years ago,



whilst FAT was a problem, I honestly, and painfully I might add, came to the conclusion that it wasn’t just FAT I needed to leave my body, I needed 


  1. My SPIRITUAL life back.

I didn’t just gain weight physically, I lost spiritual weight and all the fire I used to have. King Stomach was on the throne.


  1. My confidence back.

Sad to admit, but I truly did have a couple Sundays when I couldn’t go to church because not only did I have nothing that fit easily, I was affected by what a few people had to say to me about my weight.


  1. My DISCIPLINE back.

Ah, this one hurt because, by God’s grace, I had discipline on lockdown in my life earlier. But as King Stomach got enthroned, TV and screen time were his right hand men. Somehow, indulging excessively in food just has a way of making you lose discipline in other areas.


And many more things.

And guess what?

When I DECIDED to FIX MY WEIGHT, I realized that the other areas of my life got easier to start to fix too.

So I didn’t just fix my weight, I FIXED MY WHOLE LIFE



Can you relate with any of the above? I know it is NOT the most comfortable conversation to have.


I mean, how can you admit that just because you ‘gained weight’ (nice way of saying ‘I am fat”), you are dealing with emotional and spiritual issues too, all affecting your confidence and even mental health? Even for some of you, relationships too.


It is a conversation I am willing to have on the #JesusGirlsFitness Platform


Is your spiritual life suffering, as you find yourself losing discipline, gaining weight, and waning in confidence?


Is your health steady declining, and you find yourself young yes, but starting to grapple with health challenges we once associated with old age?

Are you wasting more money on hospital visits, medications and other challenges relating to your health?

Does it seem like the lack of confidence is affecting your relationships as singles, and even marriage if married?

Is your MORALE low?


Let’s help you Fix It, to FIX IT



Because, honestly HOLOS which is Greek for WHOLENESS, encompassing everything that makes your life beautiful, should be YOUR NORMAL.


You do NOT have to deal with that low self-esteem, as a result of weight you can lose.

Your God-given finances can be better stewarded in healthier ways.

Your spiritual fire can COME BACK hotter!!!

You can be DISCIPLINED again.



My name is Eziaha, aka CoachE’ and by God’s grace, I can HELP you FIX IT all.


It’s not just what we do to FAT at #JesusGirlsFitness, it’s WHY we do it, and HOW we do it



You can read more about our CORE VALUES here.


It’s a HOLISTIC approach, incorporating professional knowledge, with spiritual,


psychological, topnotch accountability, and sistership, all within our coaching squads.



It’s 100% guaranteed, that if you let us coach you, and SUBMIT to the process, YOU WILL LOSE THAT WEIGHT!!!



Chat us on whatsapp here

09055868614, 09075256305



Group coaching for 40-days is N12,000, which you can renew for as long as you need our services.



However, we have PRIVATE coaching programs, diaspora inclusive, and for anyone who needs one-on-one, or has a health challenge that requires a special nutrition plan, which starts at N35,000 for 40 days.



Chat us up on  Whatsapp and let’s sign you up.


To your HOLOS, health, wealth and all




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