When I started my now very famous weight loss journey back in September 2015, I went around the block for about 6 weeks to 2 weeks, losing nothing sensible, then I hired TWO Coaches at once and in TWO WEEKS, I lost 5.2kg.

After then, I could NOT be stopped.

That’s not a story I tell a LOT because

1. Those two weeks were a different kind of HARD. I almost THREW AWAY the whole thing cos of how HARD it was. Not too many people can survive this lol

2. That kind of result is not EASILY reproducible AND it has the tendency to put people under PRESSURE with unnecessary expectations.

After all, it then took me another 4months PLUS to lose 30kg.


Now though, I am going to be LOUDING that story, because as we launch our second half fat rapturing program HARPAZO I have put everything I possibly can in place to ensure that YOU get those kind of results too AND MORE, so far you are willing to EMBRACE YOUR HARD.



And because that was FIVE YEARS AGO, I have upgraded my knowledge and the Detox Nutrition Plan I will be coming up with will be a tad easier than what I had to do.

Which is why the first 2 weeks of HARPAZO, we would be doing a different kind of DETOX, which we are calling (ghen ghen…)


CoachE’s Well-watered Garden.



If you already signed up for HARPAZO, no need to sign up for this. You get the GAN-RAVEH plan in the first 2weeks.

If you don’t want to sign up for HARPAZO but just need a quick DETOX, then I gotcha. We are launching it too as a STAND ALONE program

So let me share details about Gan-Raveh in a few bullet points


A detox program basically rids the body of toxins which, thanks to our diet and the environment, makes toxins get in the body, and then slows it down from normal functioning and metabolism. You and I don’t want that, please.

While thanks to the liver, the body naturally detoxes all the time, no thanks to our nonsense diet full of choke-full of crap, we overload the liver AND slow it down making it less effective. But THANKS again to our diet, with some professional help of course, we can OPTIMIZE the liver detox function again so far we are eating right.



This is what my Gan-Raveh program will do. Work with the liver to optimize the body’s natural detoxifying process.


How it will run and What to expect?

Let’s go back to the Bible. 


Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food…

Genesis 1 v 29


So in those 10days or 14days, please expect



Select Nigerian soups

Filling Salads

Select Nuts and Seeds

And a lot of water

In fact this detox will be powered by water too.

While Gan means Garden, Raveh means Watered.


A river flowed from Eden and watered the garden…

Gen 2 v 10


Water is going to DRIVE this DETOX garden so let’s get ready to DRINK at my every water prompt on the program.

I am going a little above fruits and veggies because I have learned how to manipulate the rest in without compromising on the outcome, PLUS hey, the verse above is a little more inclusive too.

Which is why Gan-Raveh is a different kind of DETOX

I am going to be AUDACIOUS enough to expect 3 to 5kg at least from everyone on the program. And those outside HARPAZO can definitely up theirs to 14 days for N7000 instead


And to spice things up, we will have at least 2 days of FRUITS ONLY, and a 24 hour autophagy at the end. Yay.

AUTOPHAGY/FASTING tips for #JesusGirls

The beautiful thing is that even though a detox program is usually tough, you will be in an ANOINTED Squad and also riding on the grace of an ANOINTED Coach, so you will ENJOY the TOUGH, and then get STRONGER in the process, to then POWER ON!!!

Yes, we will all the in a group and my team and I will be there to CHEER YOU ON.

If you are on the One-on-One program, you won’t be with others but in a private group.



For a lot if not all of you, you will not just LOSE WEIGHT, you will conquer your food addictions, gain discipline, and jump start your weight loss.



Honestly, I am SO PUMPED about Gan-Raveh


And of course, HARPAZO, which includes Intermittent Fasting,


Nursing Moms


and Diasporans



Oya, the rest of the gist will be within the squads.

At least now you have an idea what to expect. Let me not give out all my goodies now.

I will be back to share what the other weeks in HARPAZO will look like, so you KNOW what to expect.


Registration is already ON for all and will close for the first set on Thursday, July 2, and we kick off Sunday July 5 with a HARPAZO welcome webinar, and then we are good to go.

Update: Second set kicks off Friday, 17th July.

Help me refer, share my fliers on your social media and tell your friends too. I would appreciate that. God bless you.

See you again sooooooooooon



Yours in FAT FIGHTING service

Eziaha (CoachE’)




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