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Burning Calories, Burning Hearts: #JesusGirls share their #HalakPalal Experiences

Yay💃💃, Halak Palal has been such great experience since it started! We have recorded numerous testimonies through this movement and it’s been such a great one seeing all that God is doing through it!

Few weeks ago, we published testimonies of some the participant; read here

#JesusGirls share their Halak-Palal experience

And today, we are here with more Halak Palal testimonies! Isn’t God so good?


Just read on🤗

Wunmi recounts how Halak Palal has been a double-edged sword encounter for her


“Halak Palal is God’s way of aligning me with His perfect will.

I see how God is like, “even while you burn calories I want your heart to burn for me as I download your weekly template and schedule to you”

This is a double-edged sword encounter. ⚔️

While praying on the streets (shamelessly screaming 😂) I legit see accurate visions scrolling up and down. You know how long-standing issues are melting before me and I’m getting Spiritual Intelligence on all my expressions. Yes!!!

Then the accuracy in my prayer points and that of Coach E is just God!!

I’ve always prayed while exercising but there is a different grace that is released on this corporate gathering!

Thank you so much Coach E for obeying God! Just one hour and my week is set!!!”🔥


Titi all the way from the United Kindom shares how Halal Palal has been such a blessing for her this season



“I am really enjoying Halak Palal and I am grateful to God for giving you the inspiration to do this and your obedience as well to go through with it

I read James Clear, Atomic Habits and one of the things he had mentioned in the book was that if you’re struggling to do two things, just pair them together…

So this is something that I have had in mind for a while.. like walk & pray at the same time.. because definitely, one cannot sleep off while walking and It’s been such a really good time as well because of the fewer people on the road which helps with the social distancing that we have to do at the moment.

It has actually forced to stand up and actually go out for a walk to exercise my body and exercise my spirit as well and of course the beauty of the community.

It’s definitely been a blessing to me this season, a good opportunity to just pray, praise and dance on the road.. It’s been really amazing! Thank you so much coach and God bless you!


QueenD recounts how Halak Palal felt like a white space experience for her where she is able to just talk to God about her week



Halak Palal has been such a great experience for me!

It’s like one hour date with God every Sunday and a very beautiful way to start my week.

When it first started though, I struggled with stepping out at 6 to walk.. It just kind of felt strange as I am not a “take a walk” kind of person and then there was the issue of praying out loud on the road, I didn’t how that was going to work.. but face mask came to my rescue, and after the very first session, I realized how much I enjoyed the one hour walk and pray!

It felt great.. I felt like a white space kind of moment for me where I am able to just talk to God about my week..

And to be able to burn some calories alongside? Such a win-win for me!

The last session was particularly a very great one for me, I had been feeling some sense of overwhelm about the current season of my life.. Like there was always a lot to do and no time to do them all.. And so I stepped out for Halak Palal asking God to help me and I could literally feel the presence of God envelope me as I went on that walk..

I felt God impressing on my heart the things to take off my list and how the week should go… And writing this testimony five days after that experience, I can categorically say that this has been one of the most amazing weeks I have had in months!.. I feel less overwhelmed and I am eagerly looking forward to the next session for what God has in store for the new week! Can Sunday come faster? Haha😆


Idala shares how God gave her liberating word through CoachE during the last session

It’s been a very interesting and eye-opening routine for me! Some times I had to struggle to stand up from my bed because Sundays are usually a day to sleep in and spend time with my family, so I just want to stay in bed with my husband and all, but I knew I had to experience Halak Palal.

I recently shared a testimony with Eziaha about the last session of Halak Palal, how I was really struggling to get up but I knew I had to because something was really bugging my heart concerning starting and not seeing a project through to the end, it was really a source of concern for me.

I was speaking to the holy spirit that morning and received the nudge to get up from the bed and just walk & fellowship, so I keyed into Halak Palal and at the end of the session, Eziaha gave a word in Luke 22 verse 40 and the verse was talking about how Jesus was speaking to the disciples to wait, tarry and pray for staying power so they are able to do withstand the evil day and not just give up..

That just gave me assurance and a word of confirmation that anytime I’m feeling down, whenever I feel that way, whenever I feel like I’m not I don’t have that power to push through to the end of a project, I should pray for staying power and that was it for me!

That word liberated me and I’m so grateful! Thank you so much for yielding to this vision! God bless you Eziaha and the team.

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

Real drop mic moment guys!!! Thank you so much! 

Halak Palal is movement LITERALLY!!!

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