Question 1

Please introduce yourself.


My name is Kelechi Ehirim. I’m a lawyer by profession and currently a Banker.

Question 2

What is your WHY? By WHY I mean what’s propelling you to preserve on this weight loss journey.

I have always admired and wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been working out on and off since 2014 but kept getting hindered by lack of discipline with food choices and food portions.
I began to have hurting knees which was an indication of weight gain. I desired that the knee aches go away and I can feel more confident in myself and my meal choices thereby nourishing my body and not feeding it with trash.
So I’ve persevered because I feel better, sleep better, can gladly make better choices of food and say NO to food without feeling that I’m missing something.

Question 3

Do you face Challenges on your Weight Loss Journey? If yes, what are they?

Sometimes I’m just lazy. Laziness of the mind and or the body, but Coach E has taught us to always involve God in everything we do even on this weightloss journey because it’s truly not by my power or might.

Question 4

In what specific way has been in the Group Coaching program impacted on your lose of over 18kg in less than 3 months. By this I mean what is the benefit of having a community on your weight loss journey?


Accountability is my greatest tool to a sustainable weightloss. Having to answer to someone be it your group members, a family member or even a friend. It keeps me in check. Two heads are really better than one…. When one falls, the other will lift him up. Having lost 18kg so far is hardworking but majorly by corrections and “call to order” from the group coaching community that I belong to.

Question 5

What tips ( on food, workout, lifestyle e.t.c) would you give someone who’s on a long term weight loss journey? Please limit your response to at most 3 tips.


  1. Hold your throat there will always be food. Make healthier choices and mind your portions.
  2. ⁠For workout – Just move no matter how small and be consistent.
  3. ⁠Consistency is key and will gradually become a lifestyle. The God factor should also not be left out. With God we are disciplined, consistent and can do hard things.

Question 6

What makes our Coaching unique and how has that turbocharged your journey?


The fact that God is involve from the A to Z of the program is enough turbo charge.

Question 7

With this result, is there anything you still think you could have done better on this journey?

Yes, i need to condition my mind and body to this new and sustainable lifestyle and keep pushing to do better and not go back to where I’m coming from.

Question 8

How do you handle temptations with respect to indulging yourself with food?


Many times I look, smile and say “Does your body really need this”? Do you even have such temptations? Yes I definitely do and many times I say No, some other times, I indulge “sensibly” by taking a little of whatever that temptation is.

Question 9

What is your WORK OUT routine?


I work out in the mornings and do mostly dance exercises, aerobics , runs or walks. Power! Power!! HIIT exercises are not for me. I’m training my mind to move a notch higher though

Question 10

Any last words you’ll love to say?


Procrastination is a killer, begin that healthy and fit lifestyle journey today. Stay focused, true and consistent and forget the rest.

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