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Did you know that clutter, busy and hurry will never help you attain your healthy living aspirations? It’s been nearly 8 years since I lost weight (and kept it off) and I can tell you for a fact that my decision to live lean, minimal and clutter free has greatly helped me on this journey.

Here’s why your well-intentioned health goals keep failing. (It’s easy to fix. Watch this video)

As a Health Coach, I got tired of people coming to me for a meal plan, exercise guide and daily accountability. Granted these produced results but they DID NOT LAST. Few months or years down the line people will oft lose their results. But I found a better way! With my health mindset coaching certification, I started to go deeper into mindsets, habits and the kind of structure, order and discipline or lack off in my clients’ lives.

This is key because your healthy living goals wil not fit into a scattered structure. It needs an elegant and orderly life to stand. The weight and demands of living healthy is REAL and must be supported by a structure strong enough to handle it. If not you’ll keep starting and failing on this journey.

In my video HERE I share two tools that on the surface look unrelated to healthy living but like I said it goes beyond meal plans and exercise guides. These tools will help you start and complete your healthy living journey and I’ll share the first below

1) Living Lean and Minimal

If you’re life is so full, your living room, kitchen and kids room all full of CLUTTER you need to pay close attention because it’s scientifically proven that clutter decreases focus and attention, while increasing negative emotions and confusion.

Can your healthy living goals thrive in this environment? Nope! It will fail. So what’s the answer? Embracing a minimal lifestyle. Yes we are called as believers to live an abundant life but the evidence of this is not to surround ourselves with so much and buy so much.

You must look at your life and ask –

Is my life set up with the right structure and systems to make my healthy living aspiration’s possible? “

Is time, space and even relationships in proper alignment?

Otherwise you’ll drop out.

I also talked about mental clutter in the video and how to reduce this. Because according to Peter Walsh

Clutter is not just stuff on the floor, clutter is everything between you and the life you want to live”

There’s a principle in Atomic Habits by James Clear where he talks about ‘make it simple’. In the context of our healthy living journey what does it mean? Declutter your space and keep your healthy living items within easy reach. Decision making is harder when you are in a constant state of chaos and confusion. So make things simpler for yourself and watch yourself smash those goals.

I share the second tool HERE and it’s the icing on the cake trust me. I want to see you win and I know this video will set you up to do just that.

Cheers to winning always!

Your Health Coach,

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