I know you love your babies, and you want to leave a legacy of good health, generational wealth, and a life dripping with WHOLENESS.

I desperately want that for you too, and so drawing from one of our CORE VALUES at #JesusGirlsFitness, LEGACY, this post will tug at that beautiful mommy heart of yours granting you both the TOOLS and PERMISSION to ensure you leave those precious little humans a BETTER LEGACY!!!



In my previous post, I asked for your permission to take a break, and gave a bit of gist as to why. Two weeks later, and your fave #JesusGirlsFitness Coach is BACK and BETTER by God’s grace.

Gist time.

Sometime during my break, no thanks to the weather, one of my son’s came down with incessant coughing. I was tempted to go buy him a drowsy cough syrup so at least his sleep will not be disturbed, but I didn’t. My alternative was to start a home cough remedy of hot ginger, lemon and honey mix.

Again, I didn’t do it either because I was too lazy.



By night, baby boy kept coughing and coughing and my heart was just broken.

It wasn’t even 6am and I had to wake him up to give him the hot tea, and also committed to giving him at least 4 or 5 times that day.

Just as I sat there with him that morning, the title and inspo for this post came to me (thanks Holy Spirit), and I decided there and then that I would rather PUMP my children’s system with good food, and on those rare times when medicine may be needed, then I would use food as drugs.

I put together a broadcast for my WhatsApp fam in the meantime while deciding on doing this blog  later, so here we are today.

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I grew up in a Pharmacy. My mom had a couple of pharmacies where she sold both wholesale and retail, and I even started studying pharmacy in the University of Ibadan, but failed out after 4 years, fam (story for another day), so my drug game is tight.


I know how for some families, a medicine cabinet is a big deal in their homes, and thanks to many imported drugs, the cabinet gets fancier and fancier.



It is almost a class thing, as the local ‘made in Naija’ drugs are cheaper and not as pretty, but the imported ones are usually packaged like, well, Yankee haha.


However mama, there is a FAR BETTER way.


Instead of having a FANCY medicine cabinet, we can invest all that money, energy and beauty into the quality of foods in our kitchen, pantry and ultimately plate, especially for, but not limited to, our kids.

Give your children REAL FOOD and cut the CRAP to the barest minimum.

Let your kids get used to water as the number one drink in their lives.

‘In this home, we DRINK WATER’ (Make this a regular quote at home)

Let your kids get used to having a colorful plate filled with fruits, vegetables and more.

In fact, you can challenge them and yourself to see how many colors they can consume in every meal.

Carrots, green peas, green vegetables, cabbage, sweet bell peppers (red, yellow, oranges and more) are great for a more colorful plate and a far better investment.


Normalize fruits as snacks at home. There is not a place in our constitution or the Bible that says snacks are ‘meat pie, biscuit, chocolate, and sausage rolls’


We were enculturated into it, and thanks to bad ass marketing, it has been cemented in us as normal.

But you can change the narrative in your home.

Give apples, carrots, pineapple, banana, strawberries, grapes, pear and more as snacks, plus nuts too and let it be their NORMAL.



And a final tip, challenge yourself to give your children at least 80% of the time, food that came straight from the farm to the market and your kitchen.

If it came from the farm, grew on a tree, or was dug from the floor, and it looks like the original form when it hits your home, then it is great for your kids.

If it was made in a factory, or came from the farm and passed through many machines in industries, keep it minimal in your home.


So this means potatoes (sweet and Irish), Yam, Plantain, Rice (brown rice), garri, amala, all fruits and veggies, etc., are PERFECT because they look like God made them when they hit you.

Ditto animal proteins like live fish and chicken, cow and goat, etc.

But stuff like sausages, fries, biscuits, chocolates, Noodles, Pasta, white rice, bread, semo, and the likes, which look so much different than the original creations of God, should be minimal in your home.


Again, the choice is yours.

And your choices have great impact and consequences on the LEGACY you leave for your kids.

They could either be kids who know what a healthy and colorful plate looks like, or they could be more familiar with a fancy medicine cabinet and know the names of many drugs.


Ah, what a heavy responsibility we have as Moms, but HIS grace abounds for us.

It will cost you MORE time especially, but see it as an INVESTMENT in your home.

I promise, it is SO WORTH IT.


Remember, if a mom gets it right, the whole family eventually gets it right, PLUS she leaves for her children, a better LEGACY!!!


Now, my kids got steady given the ginger tea for two days straight and in the first 24hours, they were 90% cough-free and by day 2, we kissed every single cough good bye.

And the real win is that I didn’t PUMP my kids with these heavy antibiotics and more in medicines.



You got this mama.

You REALLY do!!!

With all my LOVE and FIST-pumped in the air,





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