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A useful program to monitor network activity and prioritize the connection speed of a particular program to the Internet. It will be especially useful for non-fast connections. Often it is necessary to prioritize a particular application, and during work, automatic software updates or anti-virus databases suddenly start, and the main task at the moment begins to “slow down”. NetBalancer prioritizes network activity once and for all, optimizing the user experience.

Comfortable browsing and doing everything on the internet, even when your download manager or torrent client is downloading huge files from the internet; just lower your network priority with NetBalancer.

NetBalancer is a web traffic monitoring and control tool designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8

You can use NetBalancer to set the upload/download speed priority for each application and control your internet traffic.

Applications with a higher network priority get more traffic bandwidth than applications with a lower priority.

The main features of NetBalancer are:

Set network download and upload priority for each process.

The currently supported priorities are:

– High priority

– regular priority

– Low priority

– block traffic

– ignore the traffic

– Limit traffic

– Set upload and download speed limits for a process

– Show all system processes with their incoming and outgoing network traffic rate

– Show the current connection for each process

– Show uploaded and downloaded traffic for every process since NetBlancer started

– View total system traffic as a graph

– Show the traffic of the last 15 seconds in the system tray

– Refine the priorities (see Severity level settings).

– NetBalancer also has a “Request a feature” menu option. By using it, a user can notify us of a feature they would like to see implemented. We value feedback and seriously consider implementing any request.

The main difference between NetBalancer and other traffic shaping software is that NetBalancer works with priorities, so low-priority applications will not be throttled if other high-priority applications are not using the network.

NetBalancer v11.2

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