This post came to me last week and I just fell in love with the message of it.

This is real adult stuff and I am excited about it.

N.B This post was first published on this blog in June 2020. Bringing it back so we can be reminded on how to handle free stuff.

I love this scripture

While dining with a ruler,pay attention to what is put before you.

If you are a big eater,put a knife to your throat; don’t desire all the delicacies, for he might be trying to trick you.PROVERBS 23 1 -3 NLT

The concept here is FREE FOODespecially free FANCY FOOD (but junk all the same)

When food is free, we tend to lose control and just grab it all.

Free lunch at work

Corporate gifts

Free lunch date with a friend who is paying

Weddings and Parties

Family functions

And so on…

For most of us, when we take our own money out of it, we just want to load up as much as we can, both in our tummies and to take home.

While gift giving and receiving is such an important part of human and social interactions, we will still need to apply DISCIPLINE and SELF CONTROL in how we steward both.

This actually applies even to the good stuff, but my focus here would be CRAP, JUNK and SIMPLE FOODS

Simple foods are foods that have been over processed, lack rich nutrients and break down super-fast in the body, so even though they gave you a sugar high at first (most have high sugar content), you find yourself in the dumps pretty soon.

Here are some examples of foods in all three categories mentioned above

Sugary biscuits, Sugary and Fizzy drinks, Sweets and Chocolates, Cereals especially those Sugar coated ones, ice cream, pastries and basically everything made from white flourincluding small chops, bread, meat pie, puff puff, etc.

Then of course there are always things that you can’t even name but because it is free, you go ohmmm ohmmm ohmmm (that’s my grub sound lol)

You see, as a #JesusGirl, we must understand that Jesus expects us to say NO when we need to. HIS Holy Spirit actually teaches us to say NO

This same grace teaches us how to live each day as we turn our backs on ungodliness and indulgent lifestyles and it equips us to live self-controlled, upright, godly lives in this present age.TITUS 2 V 12 TPT

The NIV says the grace TEACHES US TO SAY NO!!!

You can turn your back on INDULGENT LIVING and actually live SELF-CONTROLLED

Other versions say that the grace INSTRUCTS US to REJECT those DESIRES and the AMP says we can live sensible, upright and godly lives with a PURPOSE that reflects SPIRITUAL MATURITY.

You see, this pretty much also includes our diet choices. God wants us to be DISCIPLINED in everything.


There are a couple ways to say NO to even gifts and osho-free


You can out rightly reject it. I mean, in some instances, we have the power to, and this also trains people on the kind of gifts to give us. People MOSTLY give me HEALTHY stuff, because they KNOW.

So say NO with a smile, grace, and maybe an explanation, but be firm. Your NO, if the person is a great friend, should not destroy the relationship. Let them know you just don’t deal that way. Like I said, it is not just a rejection, it is TRAINING.

You may also


In some instances, maybe at work, you have access to all kinds of free drinks and lunch. You can IGNORE it and pack your own lunch and drink water. That it is free and accessible doesn’t mean you MUST eat it. Show some self-control, and be proudly different even if it comes with jabs.

3. NEGOTIATE on it

You can negotiate a better experience. Daniel modelled this so well. He determined in his heart that he would be DISCIPLINED about the King’s fancy meals, but he didn’t just have the power to out rightly reject it, so he negotiated with the Chief of Staff and the Bible records that God had made Daniel be looked upon with respect and affection from him.

Come ON, how good is that?!!!

If we read Daniel 1 v 8-16, you see how Daniel spoke with very practical wisdom and negotiated a different experience for him and his friends.

It was EASY and SAFER to just eat the King’s food, but as a JESUS BOY, He chose better.

Some of us need to FLAT OUT start to choose BETTER!!!

Don’t shut down your reasoning and believe there is NO WAY OUT. You are NO DUMPING GROUND and this includes frequent corporate or personal gifts. If it doesn’t fit into the healthy lifestyle the Lord would have you LIVE, then honey, negotiate a better experience.

God can give you the wisdom, favor, and communication skills needed to do this, but first are you DETERMINED IN YOUR HEART like Daniel was?

Remember I said this is real adult stuff.

And if you can’t negotiate a better package, resort to number 1 or 2 or 4 below


The third way to say NO would be to GIVE IT OUT.

Now, you may be thinking whether it is right to give out something I would not want to eat, but hey, truth is, not everyone is going to eat healthy, especially at the level God has legislated for you.

For example, I would not really eat noodles but I can give it out if given to me, and I can even BUY it for people.

Some gifts are one offs, for example, If I am given small chops, I give it out cos frankly, I just find a lot of its content ridiculous and the only thing I may have eaten would be the animal protein, but I have been off animal protein since February this year, so even that doesn’t work. 

However, my giving it out is not a problem to the receiver. Plus, if some gifts come to you a lot, then you can spread the giving to a lot of people so it is not like you are passing large volumes of crap to one person like it has been passed to you.

I mean, you can keep some for yourself, but some times the volume is just too much and instead of letting it go bad in our stores, or eating it all by force, give it out.

Let’s be generous and not just tight it all to our chest, please

And my final submission for CRAPPY osho-free would be


Honestly, some kind of stuff are so bad they need to be TRASHED. For example, some funny drinks that come in kid’s party packs these days. My kids will NEVER take it and my conscience won’t allow me give it out so I do the only thing I need to do… Open it and pour out its content down the sink. That is the only place it is fit for.

You see, it is about STANDARDS. A #JesusGirl has standards for her life, including her diet.

I love how Paul keeps reminding Timothy that even though he lives in a culture that was becoming increasingly godless and immoral, he cannot become like them

But as for you, O man of God, flee from these things; aim at and pursue righteousness [true goodness, moral conformity to the character of God], godliness [the fear of God], faith, love, steadfastness, and gentleness.1 Timothy 6 v 11 AMP

So yes, the world around me may be indulging but I EZIAHA can be different and proudly so. It will be hard yes, but hey WE ALL GET TO LEVERAGE THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

So yes, there are some places I go to and I actually go with my food, even when visiting a friend, and I know nothing healthy can come out of it.

I recall my brother’s wedding, I was on a fast and through all the food, and I kept my fast. I could have taken a day’s break without any issue, but I love to test my discipline level and always want to be sure that when food and I get in a battle, I WIN ALWAYS

During my BIL’s 50th birthday too, I was at the time, testing this Vegan life lol. It was SO HARD to not eat animal protein, but hey, I made it. This was October last year. In fact I was on a Daniel fast, and that excludes almost everything that didn’t come from the soil.

So in the middle of all kinds of food, I had moimoi, vegetables and salads, then I drank water.

I recall how STINKING HARD it was but I was determined.

My diet is so important to me because it directly affects my strength levels and with all my God-given assignments, I can’t afford to be weak, which is what happens when I eat crap or junk.

I need to be in top shape almost all the time

Now I did a post on BREAK THE RULES which sort of brings a balance to all these

Break the Rules, Baby. Jesus Approves

But we don’t live on the side of breaking rules all the time. We are disciplined enough to walk a narrow path when we need to.

This #JesusGirlsFitness life, I can tell you FOR FREE.99 that it is not easy but it is so worth it.

We GET to honor our bodies’ right

We GET to PRACTICE discipline as a lifestyle

We GET to say NO

We GET to make wise diet choices that make us strong and fit for our GOD GIVEN ASSIGNMENTS here on earth.

And ain’t no osho free BIG ENOUGH to make me (AND YOU) sabotage a KINGDOM AGENDA

She girds herself with strength [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task] and makes her arms strong and firm.Proverbs 31 v 17 AMPC

Grace & Strength


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