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Freemium Photo Editor and Social NetworkPicsArt is a freemium photo editor and collage app that shares some features with social networks. When users create images they think are worth sharing, they post them to the PicsArt Network, where you can follow users and find new artwork using search or hashtags. The editor also provides stickers, gifs and various challenges for users to keep them entertained and amazing artwork. Despite the fact that it is full of photo editors, it is difficult to find the right one for your needs. Much like Goldilocks and the Bear, one editor will be too tricky, the next will have no layers, and the third will probably be too difficult to master. Maybe PicsArt changed all that? PicsArt Download and Installation Process PicsArt is available as an app for Windows 10, so you need to download it from the Microsoft Store. It is also available for Android and iPhone. Once installed, you will need to log in, which can be done by signing up using an email address or through various login services. After logging in, you will need to create an account, choose a username and password. PicsArt for Windows 10 – Appearance PicsArt looks great which is also good for a photo app. The main interface is occupied by a variety of bright and eye-catching images, with Editor and Collage options at the top. At the top of the window are your settings and profile buttons – both are very basic. Once you start using the app, you will be asked to select an image. This can be from your computer, your free image library, images you’ve saved to your profile, or even images from Facebook or Instagram, although it’s easier to decide if you’re using PicsArton mobile.
After selecting an image, the collage editor or maker will launch. Be prepared to be overwhelmed – PicsArt Editor has quite a steep learning curve. The options available to you are located to the left of the main image. Below this main image are the options available in the selection you just made, and on the left you can edit or select the layer you want to use.
PicsArt collages are simpler – but only. You’ll see layout options on the left and bottom, and you can make changes to the look of the collage through the configuration options on the right. Once you are satisfied with the final product, you can save it to your computer, share it with various Microsoft-based applications, or share it with the PicsArt community.
What type of editing can you do with PicsArt? There’s no end to the options you have for editing your images in PicsArt – that’s what makes the learning curve so steep. The most important part is that the editor supports layers, like Photoshop. This makes it easy to do awesome things with the app. Also, there is a world of features that will allow you to create stunning works of art.PicsArts editing tools focus more on fun than serious graphic design, but you can still get pretty creative. There are standard editing features such as cropping, resizing and adding text as well as adding stickers and filters, lens flares, fades, motions, clones and much more. Some features are premium only, but from the app it’s not obvious until you click on them. In fact, there are so many features that you may need to spend some time getting to know them all.
It’s good? From a theoretical standpoint, PicsArtis is a truly creative app that will give art types hours of fun. You can certainly create some really great images to share on social media and PicsArtnetwork, although it takes some time to really master it. PicsArt has a fun website with plenty of challenges and a lively, active, and massive social media following for you to get involved with. From that perspective, PicsArts is great.
Unfortunately, the use of the application is not very good in practice. It crashed several times during our tests, and when it did, it took a long time to load images and apply effects. This really slows down the creation process and makes using the app a bit frustrating.
Great in theory, not so much in practice We really want to like PicsArt, and in a way we do. A great app for people who are serious about editing images for fun. It doesn’t offer the same control as something professional like Photoshop, but it does offer more shareable options than alternative photo editors like Photo! Editor and PictBear. It is designed for the Instagram generation and it works well.
Unfortunately, it’s a pain in the neck to use. If you don’t slow it down, it crashes and freezes, and when it’s actually running, it loads a huge ad every time you select a new image. This is quite a big issue and it really hampered our enjoyment of the app.

PicsArt Photo Studio for Windows 10

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