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I have decided to keep a small tool that does not require any money from you, and its purpose is to recover accidentally deleted files or deleted files due to virus attacks of the system, program errors generally as a consequence. Every time, no matter why this is done, development should help you recover data. Interested parties can go directly to the complete information and download Recuva there. Note that if you choose the portable version, in the settings you will need to select the Russian interface language, and it will be selected automatically during installation, in general, do not be afraid.

The service can scan all removable media, disks, etc. Before the process itself, you must choose exactly what you need, a more precise file format, such as images, documents, multimedia files, executable file or others, only after that you can go directly to the process itself. The program determines the parameters of each file format individually, the program determines what percentage there is a chance to restore the file, and so on, so it is important to set the correct format.

Note that after scanning, you may see special tags next to other files, which means that Recuva detected the file as junk but felt it was necessary to notify you, which most likely is not. they were looking for it, but it would not be superfluous to inspect it, it may be needed. There are not many parameters in the options, you can set the output filter, you can switch between general, such as trees, according to the directory structure.

When you register Recuva for free and launch the app, you will get a well-known development interface from this company, you can restore the file after any loss, the developers mention it more than once on the official site. A simple search system list was found after scanning. I completely forgot to add that Recuva can also work with ZIP archives, I do not know about RAR if it is true or not. In general, I have nothing to add, simple software and friendly interface, I hope it will be useful, but it is better that you do not have to use that development, but good luck anyway!

Version: ShareWare

Language: Multi

Size: 21MB

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if required.

2). That’s all, it’s done

Recuva Professional 1

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