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This is 52 BC. Four hundred years after the founding of the Republic, Rome is the richest city in the world, a cosmopolitan metropolis of a million people, and the epicenter of a growing empire. The republic was founded on the principles of joint government and fierce personal competition that prevented one man from assuming absolute control.

Gaius Julius Caesar (Ciarn Hinds, Munich) completes a long campaign to conquer Gaul. In the process of conquest, he grew rich and perfected a deadly army led by the Thirteenth Legion, a group of men ready to follow his every command. Two members of the Fighting Thirteen, Lucious Vorenus (Kevin McKidd, Kingdom of Heaven) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson, King Arthur), are the central characters of the series.

Vorenus is an honorable soldier and family man. He is respected by the people and by Caesar himself. Pullo is a womanizer, a very drunk soldier. His fierce fighting skills and rebellious streak also make him popular. Warren and Poole’s uneasy relationship begins when circumstances force them to collaborate on a mission of great importance to Caesar.

Back in Rome, Caesar’s niece, Attia (Polly Walker, Sliver), is a fiercely ambitious and cunning player with the Roman nobility. Along with Caesar’s mistress Servila, we have two women who rival any man in the empire for shrewdness and ruthlessness. Attia’s son (and future emperor of Rome) Octavian (Max Pirkis, Lord and Commander: World’s Far End) is a preternaturally shrewd teenager with a deep understanding of Roman politics.

Caesar’s main rivals are Brutus (Tobias Menzies, The Lowdown) and Pompey Magnus (Kenneth Cranham, Layer Cake). Pompey was co-consul of Rome with Caesar. The battle between Caesar and Pompey is initially a battle of will and reason. Finally it comes to swords. Brutus’ relationship with Caesar is much more complicated. Caesar needs Brutus and his powerful family to legitimize his rule, but Brutus is a republican who is appalled by Caesar’s imperial ambitions. Their relationshipfather-son is the source of great internal conflict for both.

Caesar’s usurpation of power and its consequences for Rome are the background against which all the conflicts between the characters develop. Politics, personal rivalry, friendship and a few very Oedipal relationships are skilfully combined with historical facts to tell a unique story of Rome in one of its most interesting periods. Rest assured, I’ve only scratched the surface. There are many characters and plots in this sprawling story that I leave to the viewer to discover.

This six DVD set contains twelve episodes from the first season. Episode titles and original air dates are listed below:

“The Stolen Eagle” (28.08.05)

“How Titus Pullo Overthrew the Republic” (September 4, 2005)

“Owl in the Thorn” (9/11/05)

“Theft from Saturn” (09.18.05)

“The Ram Touched the Wall” (September 25, 2005)

“Egeria” (10/2/05)

“Pharsalus” (10/9/05)

“Caesarion” (16.10.05)

“Utica” (30.10.05.)

“Triumph” (11/6/05)

“The Spoils” (11/13/05)

“Calendar for February” (November 20, 2005)

Rome Seasons 1

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