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This is Doris , the Online Content Strategist…. serving you some gist from inside CoachE’ Squad

It’s a new week and a beautiful Monday so far.

Today’s post is all about progress!! progress!! progress!!

I will be indulging you on some amazing things that is happening in the coaching squad #JesusGirlsFitness

First of all , I’ll start off by saying that my squad members are amazing …. literally

I will be breaking down this post to 5 segments;

  1. Accountability
  2.  Private wins
  3. Food and portions
  4. Exercise(building strength and challenging your body & mind)
  5. The fast



So let’s begin…

1.)Accountability: One of the things we love to do with our squaddies is to pair them together .

Why? Because we understand that this journey can be lonely sometimes , and it is important to have someone holding you accountable and cheering you on when you don’t feel like it. Knowing that there is someone that’s looking out for you  even in your absence is precious; Call you out “lovingly” when your head is not in the game.

we call it ginger 2 ginger… sounds funny but it is so EFFECTIVE. Through this, certain meaningful friendships have been formed.



Even in her absence?





2.)Private wins: This is an aspect I love so much. This is progress beyond the scale. 

I look forward to our progress tracking day not just for the scale or measurement results  but because of the “private wins” . There is so much joy when I read it because I know its a personal experience or should I say a personal win.

Strength is being built , mindsets are shifting , even habits are changing steadily.

This helps you to understand that, it is not all about the scale, though important and you should Grace and Pace yourself but just keep moving. let me share some with you;


Strength, Endurance


Carbs are good but when it’s becoming something you crave for, then you need to watch it

Think about it….. a lot of us just tend to focus on the scale and nothing more , meanwhile missing out on the amazing things happening “behind the scene”… BE MORE OBSERVANT AND BE PATIENT


Also , before I move on to the next segment, let me share this transformation picture with you




3.)Food and portions: Eating healthy is good but you still have to control your portions in order for you to actually loose weight. Just because it’s healthy  doesn’t mean you have to fill up the bowl…lol

Be disciplined and train your taste buds … One of the things we tell our squaddies is” you have control over food, your body , your emotions” and may I just add that self-control is not a personality type , it’s actually a Fruit of the Spirit , so basically the truth is , you actually need to partner with God as you start this journey and also submit to the process!






4.)Exercise: You can loose weight without exercising BUT exercise is also important.

It’s not just important because it helps you tone up and firms up your skin  but because it also helps you to build Strength, Endurance … you tend to challenge yourself- physically and mentally, discovering that you can do some amazing things you tagged as “hard”.

Our squaddies are not slacking in this aspect and there is so much joy each time we see them pushing through till they finish.






5.)The Fast: This is another aspect I don’t just like but I’m grateful we are doing .

We fast once every week and it might seem that it’s a bit too much but I’ve  come to realize that , this is not just about weight loss for a lot of people  and it’s a constant reminder that God is very much interested in this journey of a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be sharing 2 feedbacks we’ve gotten from two squaddies;





Hmmmmm …. We are so thankful for the progress happening not just for the physical changes but also  for change of mindsets, building of strength, building of new and good habits  that our squaddies are getting.



If you would like to experience  such and even more , I would advise you check out CoachE’s write up on #JesusGirlsFitness- CORE VALUES AND PROGRAMS  

Let’s help you rock this Journey  and open you to a whole different dimension of fitness.

One more thing …. please feel free to ask questions.

Till next time…







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