A lot of people look at my life and commend on how structured and disciplined it is. What they don’t know is that the things that make me have this disciplined, joyful and structured life are very TINY. It’s a combination of daily simple steps that gives me results and helps me enjoy my healthy living journey. This is one of the crux of James Clear’s book Atomic Habits – Tiny changes, Remarkable results and I totally agree.

Try these simple changes today for BIG RESULTS (Moms’ll love number 2)

When it comes to weight loss, healthy living or indeed any habit you are trying to crack, what I’m going to share with you in this video will truly help you get amazing remarkable results even though the things I’m asking you to do are pretty tiny. These simple changes have enabled me enjoy Forever Results in my healthy living journey and I’ll be sharing the first one with you.

1) Take away the barrier and make it easy to access.

I’ll share an example to illustrate. So I wanted to moderate cows milk consumption in my home, personally I drastically reduced mine to the extent that I now have a reaction if I take cows milk. My alternative was tiger nuts milk but I usually struggled to make it, so must times I resort back to cows milk. 

But guess what? I changed ONE THING and it made a whole lot of difference. I started to bring the tiger nuts out of the store the night before, wash it and place in a bowl right on my countertop. My blender was also in an easily accessible place. This simple change made it possible for me to make tiger nut’s milk in the morning. My barrier was going into the store each time to bring out the nuts, wash it and have it ready for the blender. That’s how I was able to achieve the result of reducing cows milk consumption in my home by almost 90%. I saw the same thing happen with my air fryer. I started to place it in an easily accessible place in my kitchen and this helped me whip up meals for my family with it in no time.

In Atomic Habits, J.C talked about making it easy for ourselves by removing every hindrance to achieving our goals. So please determine what your goals are, think of what has hindered you so far and start taking steps to make it easy for yourself by removing the barriers. 

The second tip has to do with your kid’s breakfast and how you feed your family. I talked about some tiny changes that can give you big results in your home. Find out about it here as well as the final tip to bring enjoyment to your healthy living journey. You’re welcome.

I’m rooting for you!


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