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The free IE add-on that allows you to cut and send TextSnipIT emails is an add-on for Windows Internet Explorer and currently only works on desktops using Windows 7. see when viewing the add-on. and you use it very much, EasySnipIT does not have an interface. Once you download and install it, you will not see the user interface. You will easily see additional options in the browser when you select text and right-click. Select the text you want to send and right-click where you see the SnipIT option. Choose to cut text and go to your email client. If you have not logged in to your email account, they will ask you to select a service provider and ask for your username and password. The software creates a new email and pastes the selected text into the email. Then before that you should add the recipient and its title ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Conclusion – Suitable for people who copy and paste text into email There are not many SnipIT programs. there is a small job up front and that is pretty good.This is mostly for people who often copy and paste text to send to others.There is no doubt about the request for this type of program as many people download it from Microsoft website before it is released.


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