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Specci is a free system information software based on the freemium model that analyzes your Microsoft Windows PC to provide you with a comprehensive list of specs to check. Download Specci exclusively for PCs and Laptops from developer Piriform, who publishes CCleaner, Defraggler, , CPU-Z, HViNFO and HVMonitor, is an additional system profiling application that reads your hardware to give you a compact list for analysis. Each application gives you basic and detailed information to make informed decisions about safe CPU, disk and specifications. Using Specci is safe as the app is free from adware and malware. This tool offers you a special screenshot function that can do more than just take a picture of the Specci user interface. The screenshot option is intended for use between Specci users as screenshots are interactive as the UI can be clicked by both you and the recipient. Anyone who gets the clip can click around the clip just like in the real app. Because Specci may contain sensitive information about your computer, do you need to make sure you only share your recordings with people who Specci does? Specci provides detailed information about your computer in the form of reports categorized into tabs in a clean interface. Specci is intuitive to use thanks to a panel on the left that lists the parts of your computer including the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics, storage, optical drive, audio, peripherals and network. The program first opens to a summary pane that gives you a brief but comprehensive overview of your computer’s specifications. One or more components are listed under each section of the summary section. The operating system is written along with your graphics card, external and internal drives, and Specci is accurate? Specci gives you an accurate report on the condition of your computer. Since Specci hasn’t been updated for a long time, two types of information can be confusing, namely the temperature and the VRAM number. Although the temperature may not be accurate, the current degree is listed next to the CPU and the title is clickable along with the tab next to it. The Summary tab aims to give you a short list of important information, while each segment digs deeper into the specifics of the data. Specci is the ideal tool to fully understand each element attached to the label. It allows you to expand or collapse the drop down arrow. The Operating System section gives you information about the Summary tab and lots of other information such as battery level and web browser version. You can see if your antivirus and firewall are on or off. The serial number along with the installation date of the operating system is available in the main part of the operating system. Time Zone is handy for general use as you can find your computer currency format, date, language, location, time and time zone. The CPU tab listslists the CPU name along with the number of cores and threads. The Caches drop-down menu gives you the size of each of your available memory slots, which you can check in the RAM section. You can see the number of free and used storage spaces compared to the total number available. The SPD drop-down menu enables you to find additional information about each memory slot, such as: B. Brand and model of the card filled with infoSpeci, so you can easily get information about the desktop monitor you are using, e.g. B. Name, resolution, height. , width and more. Whether you’re using a single monitor or multiple monitors, Specci detects active graphics to show you motherboard segments that tell you your motherboard’s make, model, and version number. Additional information such as the BIOS can be viewed in the drop-down area. Storage is the tab where you can find information about your hard drive such as manufacturer and serial number. The attribute report gives you a better insight into the health of your hard drive. A generic status is available to tell you if the disk is healthy, or a numeric list of your partitions is available to tell you the total, used, and free space on each segment of the disk. The file system will be listed to tell you whether the partition is FAT32 or NTFS. The solid state drive you synced to your computer is available in the Storage tab to view without specs? Specci is free to use to get advanced insights into your computer. A paid version is also available that includes automatic updates and premium specci support. Although the plugin might not be attractive enough, Specci Pro is the best option if you want to support developers. Packages are available that include CCleaner, Defraggler, and Recuva for monitoring. Specci is a must-have app for Windows users because it is free and valuable. The elegant user interface presents clear data such as manufacturer, size, version number and more for important technical information such as CPU, mainboard, RAM etc. Specci is often used to evaluate computer components before a computer or laptop is new. Specci is a timeless application that does not receive regular software updates. The program remains relevant even without updates from the developer. While the premium edition updates your software automatically, the free version lets you manually check for software updates in the lower-right corner of the interface.


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