If you thought going after your weight loss or healthy living goals means saying buhbye to all your favourite foods and hello salads, green juices and other foods you don’t like then you’re in the right place. After reading this post, you’ll know how to move forward with JOY and accomplish your weight loss goals instead of avoiding it.

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By the grace of God, my family and I eat healthy, but I don’t just stay on the basic level I go the extra mile. Setting challenges for myself, going on diets just so I stay on the straight and narrow path etc. So, my husband is always teasing me that even though I’m living healthy he sees me still enjoying myself hahaha – there’s no other way for me babes.

Three steps to bring ENJOYMENT to your weight loss journey.

Unfortunately, this is the mindset many people have towards weight loss. They think to lose weight or change their lifestyle to a healthier one will mean giving up all their favourite foods, drinking green bitter juices and eating foods they don’t like. When you think this way, you AVOID it. Psychology has a term for this, and it’s called the Approach Avoidance Conflict. This simply means instead of going after your goals, you avoid it because you’re afraid of what it entails. Watch the video here to know more about this phenomenon.

In my recent YouTube video above, I shared THREE tips you can apply right now to help you ENJOY your weight loss and healthy living journey. Keep on reading to get the 1st tip and you can go here to watch the video for the full scoop.


Things look huge and impossible to achieve when we don’t know much about them. All of us have something in our lives that looks impossible to achieve but we can take down that mountain when we do our research and go for knowledge. Let’s say your goal is to lose 30kg. You need to set a subgoal, which is a smaller goal that forms part of a bigger goal. Your subgoal can be to lose 2kg over the next two weeks. You’ve broken things down to subgoal level, now you think – 2kg in two weeks? I can do it! You become excited and go after that goal with joy.

Or maybe you’re a mom and you want to overhaul your kids diet and start feeding them healthy and nutrient rich foods. The thought of it can be daunting BUT you need to do your research and ask yourself what ONE thing can I do for a start? Maybe stop giving them junk as snacks and then you build up from there. Researching will arm you with knowledge to take down the mountain and setting sub goals will enable you take it one joyful step at a time. 

The second tip to bringing enjoyment to your weight loss journey is by finding your person or persons of hope. These are people who have gone ahead of you and succeeded in what you want to accomplish. Watch the video here to see how I broke this down and to get the final tip as well. 

Cheers to more JOYFUL and CONFIDENT Jesus Girls taking down the mountain of weight loss and healthy living. 

Your Health Mindset Coach, 


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