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Do you know they are certain activities and events which have NO BUSINESS being associated with food? In my recent video I share a number of them and you can get the full scoop here.

Disclaimer – I’m not saying NEVER associate events or activities with food. Example – Large family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, festive periods, vacations, of course we must eat and eat well.

However the problem comes when we bring food into what has NO BUSINESS being included and most time it’s the unhealthy options aka JUNK! I hope this video will make you re-think these activities we typically associate with food and find healthier fun activities to replace them with.

Let’s get into a couple of these activities for the purpose of this blog. Remember you can watch the entire video HERE

Stop associating these activities with FOOD!

1. Hanging out with a Friend.

Friendship is such a rich source of fuel. That time you spend gisting and hanging out with a friend can give you fuel for dayssss. Your friend is giving you enough fuel that you don’t need to get it from food. Listen, you ate at home, you’ll eat when you get back, so spend that time enjoying the company of your friend, extracting all the rich fuel from that relationship. However when you do have to eat you can keep it healthy.

2. Kids Party pack.

Pardon me please but I have a bone to pick with this one. In just under 4 months I have accumulated quite a bit of junk from different party packs my kids received. Moms please stop associating your kids birthday party packs with junk! It’s such a norm now. You can get creative and actually gift items that children can use which won’t harm their bodies. Ask the Lord for help and you’ll be amazed at the creative ideas you’ll come up with.

3. Business Meetings

All my market place apostles come closer. Ever been at a full day of training or business meeting that had several breaks for food? Tea break, breakfast, tea break, lunch break and mooree tea breaks!!
You can apply some discipline as the adult you are and nicely decline. We don’t always have to be eating at this events. You can even take water or a glass of fresh juice. People look at you different I tell you, I get that alot, like who is this cool chick hahaha.

If we continue with this culture of eating all the time, at BEST it can make us gluttons and at WORST it will weaken our bodies and make us sick. Let’s get creative and change this norm.

Life is so full, rich and beautiful that we don’t need to associate all of life’s best moments with food.

Watch the full video HERE and get to know the remaining events and activities we should stop associating with FOOD and just learn to enjoy those moments for the intrinsic value that they offer.

Cheers to enjoying more FUEL from life itself.


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