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SysTools USB Blocker software allows you to block and remove USB port on system users’ machines. The software can block and unblock all USB ports on any system. Users can download free USB blocking software for any version of Windows such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and all previous versions of Windows.

Allows blocking of all USB ports on any user machine

Machine Username Password is required to lock/unlock ports

Ability to recover a lost password via email address

A new password must be set to unlock the USB port

You must log in to the user’s machine again to block the USB ports.

The tool comes with a new single window layout

USB Blocker software works effectively All versions of Windows

List of main features of SysTools USB Blocker Tool

The best USB Post Blocker software to lock and unlock multiple systems at once

Lock the system’s USB port

USB Blocker has a very important feature to block USB ports which prevents unwanted users from using USB devices in them like; flash drives, memory sticks, USB devices, etc. Also, it is not possible to retrieve data from the computer when you are away. It is possible to block all USB ports on the machine at once using USB blocking software.

Open the system USB port

This utility also offers to unlock USB ports if needed. In this way, you can regain access to the system ports and plug in a pen, flash memory and other storage devices. All locked gates open at once; using the same USB blocking tool. You must enter the login password to unlock the USB port from locked mode and vice versa.

Machine user identification information

To lock or unlock USB ports, USB Lock Tool mainly needs machine and userpassword. Only then can it block or open ports. You must enter an administrator and master password, and you must always use them to lock or unlock USB ports with the tool.

Supports all Windows operating systems

USB Blocker software works conveniently with all versions of Windows operating system such as Win7, Win 8, Win, Win 10 and Windows 11. When you run the tool and provide credentials to any machine with USB ports, the tool will automatically lock them all at once. This is the best USB port blocking tool.

Work on multiple machines

USB port blocking tool is very powerful and effective as it can simultaneously block or unblock unlimited number of USB ports on multiple computers, laptops, etc. You need to download and install USB blocking software for free on any machine or laptop and lock or unlock the ports as required.

interactive user interface

USB Blocker software includes a multi-functional and interactive user interface that provides an easy step. Ultimately, this will help people with less computer skills to use the tool. All the operation performed is based on clicks, so you don’t need to be technically correct in locking or unlocking the USB ports of the system

SysTools USB Blocker 4

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