New Year, Same Ol’ You?

Hey FitFam, Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022. So this blogpost was originally published in January of 2021 but it’s still so relevant today that I decided to bring it back. Let’s jump right into it. It gets darker and darker for the world, but for us Jesus Girls, our light gets to shine brighter […]


Hey FitFam, Excited about today’s blog!!! You will be too when you are done. Happy New week, or happy ‘insert day of the week it is you are reading this’ hehe So, I want to quickly share TWO REASONS why I stopped going to the gym, and hopefully my principles will either make you start, […]

FitFam & Minimalist Part 1: My initial Baby Steps

Hey everybody, Oh, I am super excited to be doing this series and I am flashing pompoms as I welcome you to the very first of the series on Being FitFam & Minimalist So, if you are subscribed to our mailing list (sign up here), I already hinted that I have a very strong desire […]

Beyond the scale… 6 squaddies share their non-scale victories

Sometime in November, I started a weight loss journey. I had gained a few kgs and I wanted to lose it with my team and squad. What a beautiful ride it has been Typically, when I gain weight (mostly planned), I lose it FAST. I just ‘kill myself’ to lose sometimes 10kg in like 4 […]