Hey FitFam,

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022.

So this blogpost was originally published in January of 2021 but it’s still so relevant today that I decided to bring it back.

Let’s jump right into it.

It gets darker and darker for the world, but for us Jesus Girls, our light gets to shine brighter and ‘brighterer’ smack in the middle of darkness.

Need some theology for that? I will give you one.

the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.

Proverbs 4:18 ESV

Ok so with a New Year comes tons of resolutions and plans, and usually top on most of our lists would be our health. 

We want to get fitter, leaner, slimmer, stronger and more disciplined, and Ayeeeee, I am SO HERE FOR IT!!!

However, just because a New Year 2021 rolled around and we made a few resolutions, and even maybe signed up to a Gym, joined a fitness program online, and/or bought a few workout gears, doesn’t mean you cannot get to December and it is still the same ol’ you.

New Year, New You.

Chileeeeee, that thing is only as true as you get to put in the work to BECOME, if not, while it is indeed a New Year, Praise God, it remains the same ol’ you…

Let me tell you what we are all going to need to be and remain in this New Year. 

Actually, a few qualities if we are going to get our fitness game all the way together finally…

DISCIPLINED… Doing what needs to be done whether you feel like it or nah…

CONSISTENT… Doing what needs to be done over and over again, not as a time-based event, but as a lifestyle. Your new normal.

RESILIENT… Doing what needs to be done even in the event of unfavorable circumstances

And as an icing on the cake, we all really just need to embrace HARD and trash LAZY, CONVENIENT and EASY

This New Year, I am working on not just a New Me, but I want to desperately see the NEW flow in everything I do… whether I am coaching, leading, mentoring or being an absolutely brilliant stay at home Mom (God’s Domestic Queen).

Gosh! my team and I at CSL have been really working on a completely upgraded coaching program, one that we are desperately hoping and praying yields not just fruit in the lives of our squaddies, but LASTING fruit like John 15 v 16 says:

You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name

John 15:16 NLT

We want people to pass through our programs once, get it all the way together and actually stay on the fitfam ‘straight and narrow’ for life.

That is my testimony, and I have seen many have the same testimony. It can be yours too.

I joined a coach in October 2015 and today, 5 years plus later, I am still here. Yes, it has not been a perfect journey and I have had a few seasons of gaining weight, once up to 12kg thereabouts,

June v Oct 2020

But it was a detour and I was quick to find my way back

My heart breaks when I see someone get the most amazing results with us, and then a couple months down, she not only gains all she lost, but even more, and is now STRUGGLING SO HARD to lose it.

Now, I have chosen to take EXTREME OWNERSHIP of our coaching process.

We have decided we would give EVERYTHING

We would leave no stone unturned not just in coaching you into losing some physical pounds, but also a mindset change that ensures LASTING fruit.

We want to make sure that even when you have your little detours, which you will, you know how to find your way back on track. That you don’t unpack and stay there.

We want to make sure that one encounter with us, whether for 6 weeks or 6months changes your fitness life for good.

We want a New Year with us to birth a New YOU for real!!!

Which is why we didn’t just jump back into coaching because that is what is expected of us in a New Year, but we started to work on ourselves to gain the requisite knowledge for this next level. 

Coaching resumes January 24, 2021.

I am putting in the work, the hard work if I may add, to present a New Me to the New Coaching Year, and leave the old behind.

It is demanding DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY, RESILIENCE and EMBRACING HARD, and while it is costing me a lot, not only is it going to be so worth it in the end, the alternative doesn’t appeal to me at all… LAZY, INDULGED, WEAK, and SAME OLD ME.

I choose the former, with a mason jar of carrot and celery juice, thank you very much

So, my darling darling sister reading this, don’t just have dreams and goals, put in the hard work required to first plan and then execute those plans like a Boss, so we can, away from the same Ol’ you, we can all say NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!

Love and Prayers




I Have to add this. This is also the year we stop coveting the FRUIT of another sister’s hard work… Her flat tummy, her toned and glowing face, her visible clavicle bone, her overall strength and discipline, her clean home, her spiritual life, her prophetic gift, her thriving marriage, and more.

This is the year we get to work on our own life and portion, because as my sister girl Heather Lindsey says, that grass is only as green as you water it.



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Let’s spread this wisdom together, thank you so much

I really appreciate it.

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